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Feature: Tia Gostelow

Review: abLAze

Feature: Myrkvi

Debüt-Single: „MELT“ von Ellereve

Review: Lea Kampmann

Review: TigerSwan

Comeback: Fury in the Slaughterhouse „Sometimes (Stop To Call)“


Lesetipp: Depeche Mode – Eminem – Enya

Musikvideo: Tia Gostelow „Always“ feat. Holy Holy

Review: SASO

Review: Simone Tang

Review: Selkama

Review: Clovis

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Interview: KAIZER

Review: Horrible Sophie

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Feature: The Late Call

Debüt-EP: „When Tomorow Comes“ von Hazy

Review: Finding Neo

Ida Just aus Kopenhagen

Review: Ida Just

Debüt-Single: „Drop in the Ocean“ von HONA

Track: Lea Porcelain – Pool Song

Feature: Hvalfugl

Review: Katlah

Review: Luana Kiara

Review: såforsatan

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Review: Kóya

Review: Langston Francis

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Feature: Annie Taylor

Review: EmmaDop

Rezension: Lasse Passage „Sunwards“

Feature: PIPPA

Video-Premiere Reveries "Coral"

Video-Premiere: „Coral“ von Reveries

Lindenberg! Mach Dein Ding im Wohnzimmer

Filmtipp: „Lindenberg! Mach Dein Ding“ im Heimkino

Review: The Colour

Review: Jon Olav

Review: Honey Harper

Feature: ELIS NOA

Video-Premiere Henry And The Waiter

Videopremiere: „Don’t Wanna Die Alone“ von Henry And The Waiter

Review: Zupermaria

Review: Head Under Water

Review: Martha Elisabeth

Review: Tobias Albert

Review: SIND „Welt verändern“

Feature: BLANKS

Review: Lasse Passage „Heartbeat“

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Review: Virgin Miri

Review: Mercedess

Review: Chynna Lewis

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Review: Hôy la

Review: Oscar Enestad

Review: The Pool

Video: Ulysse – Wer?

Video-Premiere: „Needed A Song“ von The Liberty Balance

Review: Two Year Vacation

Interview: Zweite Jugend

Provinz Debüt-Album

Rezension: Album „Wir bauten uns Amerika“ von Provinz

Review: Martin Kohlstedt – AUHEJA (Sudan Archives Recurrent)

Review: This Boy

Review: Hedda Mae

Review: The Little Hands of Asphalt

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Review: I’m Not a Blonde „Songs From Home“

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Videotipp: Chris Noah „The Line“

Neon Priest Video Premiere "Blinded Affairs"

Videopremiere: „Blinded Affairs“ von Neon Priest

Review: Bbybites

Videopremiere: Ma Fleur „Big Dreams“

Videopremiere: Myrkvi „Coastline“

Review: Amalie Bryde

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