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Review: CHILI

Feature: Ungemach

Track: Gene Caberra „Dance Tonight“

Track: Beharie „Point of View“

Feature: ANOKI

Review: Helena Gao

Review: Esthére

Review: GEO

Feature: Simen Mitlid EP Release „Social“

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Review: Rome Is Not A Town „Tender Arms Power Heels“


Review: Hector Who Lived

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Track: Ryan Sheridan „Get Yourself Together“

Feature: Fieh Album „In the Sun in the Rain“

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Feature: Bedroom Eyes

Feature: Black Sea Dahu „I Am My Mother“

Feature: Árný Márgrét

Review: praytell.

Album: „Marlon“ von Mavi Phoenix

Review: Brimheim

Sziget Festival 2022 – Neuer Headliner

Track: Boy Omega „Kids“

Track: Ungemach „Das Ende im Stacheldraht“

Track: Rome is not a Town „Follow Me Home“

Review: Ryan Egan

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Review: Eddie Berman „Broken English“

Track: Bedroom Eyes – „Paul Westerberg“

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Track: OK KID – Cold Brew (Kaffee warm 4)

Interview: Saitün

Review: RUMLE

Review: Henriette Sennenvaldt

Debütalbum: ANXIOUS „Little Green House“

Track: Árný Margrét „akureyri“

Feature: Lars Bygdén „One Last Time for Love“

Videopremiere: Black Sea Dahu – Affection

Review: AGGi DiX

Review: Buddy Wright

Track: ANOKI „Irgendwann wird alles leichter“

Track: Fieh „Telephone Girl“

Track: Lars Bygdén „One Last Time for Love“

Track: Simen Mitlid „DNA“

David Bowie Hommage 2

David Bowie Hommage Teil 1

Feature: Gaspar Narby

Review: Gameboy_98

Review: The Love Buzz

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Comic: „Starman – David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust Years“ Reinhard Kleist

Album: „Mind Dawns“ Distance Dealer

Review: Floodlights

Review: Floodlights

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Album „Vega Vega“ Subshine

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Track: Gaspar Narby – So Bored

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Vorankündigung: Sziget Festival 2022

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Weihnachtsvorfreude mit KYTES neuem Song „hello (and it’s christmas)“

Feature: Sarah Lesch „TRIGGERWARNUNG“

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Preview: EP „Coordinates Remain“ Lasse Matthiessen

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