Feel Freeze Interview

Feel Freeze Interview beim Soundkartell

Feel Freeze im Interview; Fotocredit:  Emilie Marie Kjær

Feel Freeze im Interview; Fotocredit: Emilie Marie Kjær

Das Soundkartell hat das Electro-Pop Projekt Feel Freeze im Interview für Euch.

Letztes Jahr hatte ich die Band noch im Review vorgestellt. Danach gingen ihre Tracks erstmal offline. Alles auf Reset sozusagen. Aber das hatte auch einen Grund, die Boys aus Dänemark haben kürzlich ihre neue und erste EP „Future Emotions in a Digital Heart“ veröffentlicht. Zeit also, um auch endlich mal Tacheles mit der Band zu sprechen. Wohin das Projekt jetzt gehen soll, wie das Minialbum klingt und warum ihnen vielleicht der Pop-Drive fehlt.

Soundkartell: Maybe you can remember the feature on my blog, it was last year in June. Can you please figure out what has changed for you since last summer until today?

Feel Freeze: „Yes – we remember. The big change has been that we’ve signed a deal with the swedish label Icons Creating Evil Art.“

In October you’ve released your track “Wet My Tongue” and one month later “Give Me Your Heart” came out.  In which way you see these two tracks as a logical development for your new release, your Debut-EP “Future Emotions in a Digital Heart”?

„The two singles Wet My Tongue and Give Me Your Heart are showing the span of the musical expression of Feel Freeze. Where WMT is melancholic, dark and winterish, GMYH is a warm, danceable positive popsong. We exist in this duality and therefore they represent the whole range of Feel Freeze very well.“

What can we expect from your EP?

„Emotions. Eerie sounds. Melancholy. Joy. Musical bubbles. Details & contrast. Crisp and tight beats, heart achy vocals, despair yet redemption and hope and dreamy reverby floating soundscapes.“

In which way this release marks a new start for Feel Freeze as a professional new project of Electro-Pop from Denmark?

„Our record deal with ICEA definitely professionalizes our project and this international release of our debut-EP is a great start-off for our collaboration and the bands future.“

What are your plans for 2017?

„In writing we’re recording our debut full-length album which is set to be released September 2017. So the first half of the year is all gonna be about recording and after the release hopefully we’ll tour and tour and tour.“

In 2014 you’ve played Spot Festival. Are you up to come back to Spot Festival in 2017?

„We would of course like to play Spot 2017.“

When I’m listening to your both songs then I get the impression that your sound is a little bit lethargic and is not compelling sparkling with joy. Yes it is soft and poppy, but there is not that typical Pop-Drive. Am I wrong completely?

„We’ve never heard the word lethargic before! It made us think of the word catharsis, but that’s something completely different. Still those two words hang on to each other, right? What would catharsis be without lethargic? We don’t intend to make slow music or music without joy. Joy is a big part of our lives and our approach to making music. But joy only exist in a duality with sorrow, sadness and other feelings. So you’re right, if what you mean is that the music is not only full of joy? It is not one sided, it has multiple feelings in it. A blogger once wrote “ This is a band where happy and sad, aren’t an unusual combination of feelings to endure at the same time whilst listening.“ We find that comment very suitable for our music.“

In both songs “Wet My Tongue” and “Give Me Your Heart” there a longer electronic instrumental parts. Which role does this element play for you when you decide to conceive a new track like one for your Debut-EP?

„We work a lot with instrumental parts, when we compose. A lot of our music is carried by the atmosphere in it – and therefore we create a lot of musical universes while recording. In some songs we make a whole arrangement before writing the melody. It’s like building a house for the melody, instead of building a house around the melody. But it depends – we also work with arrangements in a more classical timeline: melody, chords, arrangement etc.“

Of which response you are hoping for your Debut-EP? And how dangerous is it to set high hopes in a release like this one to be easily disappointed?

„We hope that the music reaches the ears and hearts that understands and feels it and are open to it. We know that those people are out there, and we are working everyday to connect. Our collaboration with ICEA expands the reach – which is really good! For us it is not only a professional career – it is about encounters and creating a room full of love for people who want to join it.
We wouldn’t say that it is dangerous to set high hopes in a release. Of course you want your work to succeed. But at some point it is out of your hands and the music has to work on it’s own. Which is good. We often tell each other that life is an experiment. You can’t plan it, but you can take what it gives you. It’s the same thing with releasing music. You can’t decide who will like it or where it will succeed. But you can send it out, work your ass of and see what happens and where it takes you. That’s the journey we’re on and it is perfect.“


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