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Peter Kingsbery mit neuer EP "Much Taller Than On The Internet"

Peter Kingsbery mit neuer EP „Much Taller Than On The Internet“

This Wednesday is going to be special. We wish to present you an EP and a 27-minute long film by the US-american songwriter Peter Kingsbery. Soundkartell provides you with all the information about the EP MUCH TALLER THAN ON THE INTERNET.

It is truly kind of special. Peter Kingsbery just released an EP allowing for a lot of associations. MUCH TALLER THAN ON THE INTERNET absolutely sounds like the new band project. But it is not only that. At the same time it is also a 27-minute film underlining and interpreting the lyrics. All that written and produced by Peter Kingsbery.

Peter Kingsbery. That sounds like an outdated songwriter. Who plunks away on his guitar. But Peter isn’t just anyone called Peter. In the four tracks he mixes indie, pop and electronica. And this in such an astonishing way that we feel reminded of great songwriters such as Andrew Birds.

And then there is this movie with this small boy in the beginning of the video. However, then this scene is interrupted by several other pictures. All this serves as an entertaining video for the EP making it possible for us to see and listen to the tracks in a lyric-video version. That’s made simply and well!

Peter Kingsbery wouldn’t call his new release an EP anyway. Rather mini-album. This fits all right regarding the compactness and the homogeneity of the sound. The sounds come in one flow so that we can say that we encountered a highly modern songwriter work.
The concept convinces us a lot. A pleasant voice with recognition factor. Sometimes pushing, sometimes relaxing. This is how Peter Kingsbery varies his electronic-pop sound in a great way. Exactly like that we love our songwriters.


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