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Die Neuentdeckung aus Aarhus im Interview der Woche

Aus Aarhus: Catch The Breeze im Interview

Aus Aarhus: Catch The Breeze im Interview

Das Soundkartell möchte Euch zum Start ins Wochenende die Band Catch The Breeze aus Kopenhagen und Aarhus vorstellen. Gerade eben veröffentlichten sie ihre neue EP und wir haben mit ihnen darüber gesprochen.

Das Trio Catch The Breeze aus Kopenhagen und Aarhus hat Mitte August ihre Debüt-EP herausgebracht. Darauf hören wir vier wirklich überaus toll arrangierte Alternative-Rock Tracks. Irgendwie haben wir den Eindruck gewonnen, dass nur Bands aus Dänemark so klingen können. Dazu jetzt Aage der Sänger und Gitarrist der Band im Interview.

Soundkartell: In three sentences: Where are you from and how did it all start?

Catch The Breeze: “We started playing together when Andreas (Drums) and Lars (Bass) joined the band Yellowish in 2000 I was playing in. We released two album with that band and then stop playing live around the year 2007. In 2007 I started a new solo project called Mixtune For Cully and so fare released to albums. Lars, Andreas and me never stepped writing songs together and In November 2013 we decided to make a new band and record a Ep so we could start playing live together again. And in Denmark is has gone pretty fast. The Ep is out and we have good gigs.”

Soundkartell: Sound Of Aarhus and Good Because Danish reviewed your new EP and it got some really good notes. What can we expect from your new release?

Catch The Breeze: “We just released the debut-ep in Denmark and so fare is going pretty good. Like Sound of Aarhus wrote “ strong well produced Ep.” so expect that.”

Soundkartell: How was the resonance at your release party for the new songs?

Catch The Breeze: “I think their was a good vibe at the release party. we played well and people seemed to enjoy it. “We ended the concert with tree new songs after we played the EP. and I got a good feeling about them and the Future.”

Soundkartell: Sound Of Aarhus also says that the Danish music scene is wired. Which place do you take in this “wired music scene” as Catch The Breeze?

Catch The Breeze: “It depend on what you lisent to. The most music that the Radio play in Denmark is too commercial, but we have some good indie-Alternative bands in Denmark. You just need to find them.
I will not called the music weird 🙂 “

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Soundkartell: Your music and especially your new tracks are structured.
Which importance does this “structure” have in your songs?

Catch The Breeze: “The Structure is very important, but we don’t try to make a song difficult to lisent to if the song doesn’t work that way. Some song need a simple structured and others need a long noisy outro.”

Soundkartell: Which three things characterize your music the most and makes it outstanding?

Catch The Breeze: “Well produced songs with lyrics that tells a story, well preformed and Melodic. ”

Soundkartell: What is your new song “The Shallow Bed” about?

Catch The Breeze: “The short version is – Theirs something safe in the north. and if she follow me I’ll make it alright – (Maybe I am the North!!! ).
But the question is what do you think. For me my lyrics are open.”

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Soundkartell: Some critics say that “Reunite Your Forces” is the weakest song on your new EP. Of course, music is quite very subjective…How do you fight back against this critic?

Catch The Breeze: “Reunite Your Forces” has no chorus it’s like a post-rock song with vocal and with a very sad but beautiful story in the lyrics. So I understand that some people like regular songs with a chorus better.
But we also like noise-rock7Dreampop songs. – In this case I do not care. He gave us 4 out of 5 stars. We happy for the review anyway. – You know it just one man’s opinion.”

Soundkartell: Which of the new songs is your personal favorite track and why?

Catch The Breeze: “This Ep is with my 5 favorite songs. I cannot take one out. I think the 5 song matches each other very good”

Aus Aarhus: Catch The Breeze im Interview

Aus Aarhus: Catch The Breeze im Interview

Soundkartell: Your greatest desire for the future.

Catch The Breeze: “Right now we just want to play a lot of gigs and we are working on a new album. One of my desire for the future is the play and release our music worldwide.
For at start we are working on releasing in Germany /GAS) in the beginning of 2015.”

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