Virgin Suicide

Between Brit-Pop and the 80ies – Virgin Suicide from Copenhagen

Zwischen Kopenhagen und Los Angeles: Virgin Suicide; Fotocredit: Stephanie Stål

Zwischen Kopenhagen und Los Angeles: Virgin Suicide; Fotocredit: Stephanie Stål

We continue with Denmark this weekend and present you the five-person indie pop band Virgin Suicide from Copenhagen. May 18 their debut album has been released.
Sune Rose Wagner from The Ravonettes took charge of the production of their album. In the so-called cooperation together with Sune Rose Wagner 9 songs came into being between Copenhagen and Los Angeles leaving the impression of a hybrid made of Danish modernism and professional US-American sound.

Listening to the first single “Virgin Suicide” we have to revise our first genre description. We are more likely dealing with retro-pop. And it is also retro how they cloth themselves the five Danes from Virgin Suicide. We find loose-fitting training suits and hair styles from the 80ies. And this his how they strike relaxing tones in their songs. They indeed bring us back in time, when we permit it.

The reason for this is, that they implemented influences from the 80ies in their songs. However not just any influence, but those from Great Britain. Those, which were decisive and stylish. We can’t encompass the genre of their album anyhow. In “There Is A Glace Over My Eyes” they sound more British than in other songs.

Overall the debut album by the Danes sounds fully-developped to us. This might because it took one year to shape it. But it is also due to gigging around between Los Angeles and Copenhagen. Even if one won such a perfectionist producer like Sune Rose Wagner around. With that they did everything right in any case. Because the Danes’ music is great. They don’t sound like a debut album at all. Virgin Suicide call a lot of attention to themselves and we rest assured that the album will further spread round here in Germany. The sound almost flows away in their 9 songs. It appears homogeneous and the construction is coherent all over.

We are excited where the journey of the Danes will guide them. Surely not into the radio charts. For that field they are not catchy enough. But for radio stations with good taste and a colourful music program Virgin Suicide should go down well in any case.


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