Vertigo – No Space for Hipster-Attitudes

Vertigo aus München

Vertigo aus München

Let’s go to Bavaria, to Munich. The alternative rock band Vertigo is waiting for you.

Several weeks ago they’ve been Substanz of the Week on SubstanzFM and today we wish to present you the Munich-based alternative-rock band Vertigo a bit closer. Four students from Munich founded the band in 2012. With lyrics, guitar, bass and drums Vertigo show classical line-up of instruments and they devote themselves to a fully earthy alternative-rock sound. Just uncomplicated. Even though they sometimes move towards indie-rock and at some stages also pop.

With “Highroad to Happiness” we’ve listened as one of the first songs. And it was already there that we were astonishes about the great potential which is immanent in the band. The song has everything you’d wish for in that type of genre. Truly grippy and dry guitar riffs and a hook you can sing along fastly. However it can sometimes get ballad-like such as in “You and Me”. Hereby the song title obviously permits this assumption.

In Munich they are deeply rooted and via diverse Awards such as winning the Amper Slam Bandbattles (2014) or the House of Music Bandcontest of the MHMK they gathered a loyal fan community which transcends Bavaria. Vertigo anyway don’t sound like the classical clichè rock bands from Bavaria. For us Vertigo are in any case national and suitable for festivals and other gigs and represent the land Bavaria as the best as possible with their great alternative-rock sound.

If they make it to the next level will surely be decided by a first-prize-like decision in order to make a great leap forward. Obviously Bavaria is a rock-land. But Vertigo definitely don’t serve standard guitar riffs. We’ve learned to appreciate their scabious and earthy sound and hope that the band is going to further establish itself in the business. Thank god that here there is not a lot of space for Hipster lifestyle of electro-pop trends.

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