Sunday Portrait – Tricky Art-Rock by Skyskraber

Im Sonntagsporträt: Skyskraber aus Kopenhagen

Im Sonntagsporträt: Skyskraber aus Kopenhagen

Also in this sunday portrait of today we devote ourselves to a especially unknown international band. We introduce the band Skyskraber to you.

In the beginning it was just hymnic singing. But then in “Like In A Coffin” a wonderful vocal part started, which suddenly turns the sound into recognizable old-rock. There is not much the Danes let us know about them. Only were they are from. From Copenhagen. At least. The rest is just put there in Danish and we can get around listening to their music with our fullest attention since it’s the only source we can find out something about them.

At the soundcloud page three tracks are online. In their playing time they are that long they would be easily sufficient for an EP. Through that the Danes create a certain kind of space. They leave space for many instrumental elements and compose their songs without great hectic. Like in trance. As if they wish to play for getting themselves into a apathetic condition.

The sound appears washed-out and foggy. Skyskraber reveal extremely vast melody sequences and take us with them on very different journeys. Sometimes the songs such as “Cut Your Teeth Again” really accelerate but then they are suddenly stopped by invisible hands. Out of that a very great synthesis of all the four Danes’ instruments becomes apparent. Even though it seems that the vocals are separately singing for themselves and the guitar as the main responsible instrument is pulling the strings – literally and figuratively.

Truly arty and tricky. This is how Skyskraber and their unusual sound are – which however will never be played on the radio that way. Way to unapproachable and difficult would some sceptics say. But I say: Let them try out. We’d find it really awesome. Especially to see how the listeners will react to this trickiness.

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