Patrick Dorgan

Patrick Dorgan – „All a musician has to do, is live up to the hype“

Im Interview: Patrick Dorgan aus Kopenhagen

Im Interview: Patrick Dorgan aus Kopenhagen

Teil vier unseres Spot Festivals widmet sich dem Songwriter Patrick Dorgan. Das Soundkartell hat ihm einige Fragen gestellt und wir sagen Euch: Habt den guten auf dem Schirm.

In unserem vierten Teil des Spot Festivals 2015 widmen wir uns einem Künstler namens Patrick Dorgan, der in seiner Heimat Dänemark schon einen richtigen Hit gelandet hat. Mit „On The Way Down“ landete er in seiner Heimat einen richtigen Hit. Jetzt kam mit „Marylin“ ein neuer Song raus, der nicht weniger erfolgreich sein wird.

Wir haben uns mit dem Dänen über seinen schnellen Erfolg, dänische Songwriter und natürlich über das Spot Festival unterhalten.

Soundkartell: What makes the Spot Festival so special for you?

Patrick Dorgan: „The Spot Festival isn’t more special to me than any other concert. I go up and do my thing, just as I would playing in a basement full of smoke with a bunch of drunk people. The thing about Spot, or what I imagine it, is that it’s upcoming and rather unknown bands playing. Hungry bands with a „I’ll show ‚em“ attitude… That’s a good energy.“

Soundkartell: In three sentences: Where are you from and how did it all start?

Patrick Dorgan: „I’m from a part of Copenhagen called Valby, a place with a wide variety of cultures and social differences. In one place you can find great poverty and a stone throw away suburban bliss. I got tired of throwing stones and started a band with a couple of mates instead.“

Soundkartell: Granted I`m reading the first time of „Patrick Dorgan“ and the discription „Songwriter from Denmark“. Of which three things I could be dissapointed because you are not the typical songwriter I would expect?

Patrick Dorgan: „I’m NOT the typical songwriter you would expect. But if you’re disappointed about that, well I can’t help you.
The thing is; I’m the best singer you’ll see in a long time and my band is the best one in Denmark right now. I don’t look like Justin Timberlake. Far from. That’s a bit disappointing.“


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Soundkartell: Just a short time before you released your first single „On The Way Down“ you announced just a few live-shows which were totally sold out after your single got charted. How did it „went so far“ that you got a downright thrust?

Patrick Dorgan: „My first single got quite some airplay. And when people heard the music they wanted to see for themselves I suppose.. But in all fairness those gigs were in Copenhagen, and I have a lot of friends and people that know from the underground scenes in Copenhagen.“

Soundkartell: Unfortunately your new song „Marilyn“ is not available on youtube in germany. But perhaps you can describe for us in a creative way how your song sounds.

Patrick Dorgan: „An homage for the one that got away. An upbeat pop song, really, with a retro feel to it. It’s outstanding. Can’t really describe it better than that.“

Soundkartell: What are your plans this summer? With your new song „Marilyn“ we believe that you can book a very long holiday in germany…

Patrick Dorgan: „I would love visit Germany. I visited Berlin once, but I would like to see the rest of it. My GOD it’s big!!!
Hamburg is kind off a musicians Mecca, right? With the Beatles and all… I’m sure I’ll have the pleasure of visiting one day.“

Im Interview: Patrick Dorgan aus Kopenhagen

Im Interview: Patrick Dorgan aus Kopenhagen

Soundkartell: The success you have reached so far could also be named as „hype“although you didn’t released a album or EP until today. In which way do you think a „hype“ is something we shoud handle with very carefully for you as an artist?

Patrick Dorgan: „All a musician has to do, is live up to the hype. And my hype is based on things I’ve already done. So in other words; I’ve earned it. My EP will be released in Denmark in April/May, and the songs on the EP are all songs I play live as well. So people „kinda“ know what’s coming. Besides from the music I don’t really care. Hype and fame are just a byproduct of doing what I’m doing now.
„Fame is the perfume of heroic deeds“ – Socrates“

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Soundkartell: What expectations do you personally have for your new songs or the next release?

Patrick Dorgan: „I’m looking forward to see what people think of it. I’m very proud of the work my producers and I have put in to it. So it’s like our baby, in its first day of school. Nerve wrecking, but for the greater good.“ 😉

Soundkartell: Please complete this sentence: Patrick Dorgan is no „One-Hit-Wonder“ because…

Patrick Dorgan: „…he’s already released 2 hits.“

Soundkartell: What can we expect from your gig at Spot Festival this year?

Patrick Dorgan: „Spot is all about having a good time and enjoying new sounds and music… You can expect me to have a grand ol’time on the stage. Playing in my favorite city in Denmark, Aarhus, besides my hometown Copenhagen of course.“ 😉

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