Naomi Pilgrim Interview

Naomi Pilgrim „It’s not naive to reach for change.“

Naomi Pilgrim ; Fotocredit: Patricia Reyes

Naomi Pilgrim ; Fotocredit: Patricia Reyes

Naomi Pilgrim ist die Pop-Musikerin der Stunde im Jahr 2016. Zeit endlich mal mit der jungen Dame zu sprechen.

Es ist derzeit keine leichte Sache über Politik zu sprechen. Geschweige denn in der Öffentlichkeit. Der nationale Populismus nimmt überhand und weitet sich immer weiter aus. Naomi Pilgrim kommt aus Barbados und Schweden. Mit „Sink Like A Stone“ hat sie einen politischen Song geschrieben und dazu kürzlich auch ein neues wirklich super schönes Video veröffentlicht. Es wurde Zeit, dass ich ihr über das Soundkartell ein paar Fragen zu ihrer Musik stelle. Wir sprechen über ihren Hype, die aktuelle politische Lage, darüber wie Schweden derzeit gesehen wird und ihren Job als Musikerin im Pop-Business.

Naomi Pilgrim is one of the most wanted Pop-Acts for 2016. How does that attribute sound to you?

Naomi Pilgrim: Hype is etheric but since it also means I get to promote my music all over the world, it rings nicely. I worked hard for this tho.

With one of you latest tracks „Sink Like A Stone“ you wrote a song about the right populism. In personal what is you biggest fear for Europe just right now?

Sink Like A Stone is about keeping your head up high when people are acting out their prejudices, often hiding behind old rotten structures.
Yesterday Sweden passed the new incredibly dehumanizing asylum- laws that will make it harder for war broken families to reunite. Our Government and Europe clearly forgot all about decency, Human Rights and the Child Convention, what’s left to fear?

Everybody just see the positive sites of sweden and they say that they are so open minded. In which way your song helps people and your listeners to open their mind for the problems out there?

Yea, we kind of forgot about that. 
Right now we are so close minded we can’t even imagine how it must feel to be separated from our mother for three years due to heartless decision makers, so, we decided to become one too. 
I hope it’s a prank.
Music is universal. It’s story telling and a tool to make us more awake and aware about our hearts, thoughts and surroundings. Past and present.

How difficult is it as a musician that you don’t act like a very naive person that wants to make the world a better place?

It’s not naive to reach for change. It’s naive to think that change has nothing to do with you.

When I listen to your songs and when I’m aware of your bombastic sound then everything makes sense. Naomi Pilgrim is no puppy Pop-Act/Star. You are firm woman that wants to express to me and wants to tell me something very important… Does that makes sense to you?

Thank you. Yes, absolutely.

I never was in Sweden or on Barbados. But I can imagine that both countries are very different compared to their character. Do you see any intersection execpt yourself of course?

Barbados and Sweden have more in common then you would think! We have the same political system, we watch the same shows and in the summer when Swedes light up we’re almost just as vibrant as Bajans.

Is it still a fact that women are still underrated in Pop-Business?

Unfortunately yes. We slay tho.

Are there any experiences you made (bad or good) especially as a music making woman?

I don’t think there’s a single woman in this industry that haven’t been tapped on their head by a male songwriter/ producer/ record label person and been told what they can or can not do. But that’s what patriarchy do right.
This one time a camera man adviced me to straighten my hair til next the time I performed live on TV. He said it would look better. 
I firmly told him to fuck off, I don’t need fashion advice from no racist man.

You released your EP. Just right now you are very successful and many music lovers already know your music. When do you say for yourself that you’ve made it?

I love my job and everyday I get to spend in the studio/ rehersal room is like pay day for me.



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