Martin Balster Interview

Martin Baltser „I like to do big scenery music.“

Martin Baltser im Interview; Fotocredit: Sarah Buth

Martin Baltser im Interview; Fotocredit

Martin Baltser habe ich beim Spot Festival zum Interview getroffen.

Das letzte und wohl deepeste Interview vom Spot Festival, kommt jetzt erst vier Wochen danach leider. Aber dafür stelle ich Euch mit Martin Baltser einen der wohl besten Acts vom Spot Festival vor. Sarah und ich waren für drei Songs bei seiner Show und wir waren hin und weg. Die Art und Weise wie er seine Songs schreibt, hat uns beeindruckt. Das ganze Interview mit ihm lest ihr jetzt hier:

Just introduce yourself.

Martin Baltser: “I’m from Aarhus, Denmark, where I play my own music and I have this music project that I’ve started with my own music and I’ve been doing this for almost a year now. So it’s quite new I’ve released just two songs.”

You’ve just released one track “Call Me Wild” and now you are releasing your second track “Crazy View”. Can you please give an overview in which way the both tracks a more like a symbiosis maybe? Or in which way the both tracks are complementary?

Martin Baltser: “So the songs that I do right now have in common that they are all under the same theme: What is the male role on this world? What are we for and a lot of stuff like that, right. And also the music this is something that is quite new to me. I’m very inspired by Bon Iver and Sigur Rós. So this music is Electro-Folk which is characterized in my opinion by this music home which is sometimes interrupted by fragments of sounds and stuff like that.”

As you mentioned you are inspired by Sigur Rós, I saw your performance during Spot Festival and you did this crazy move on your guitar: You just sing into it. Can you please explain how you did that and what exactly happened there.

Martin Baltser: “Yes! What I do is that I take the guitar and I loop it into some kind of pedal. And I’m doing all kinds of that crazy stuff and reversing stuff. And then I sing into the guitar so the song it gets very distant and I sing very high pitched so it’s falsetto in reverse and I’m looping all over and doing some soundscapes.”
Martin Baltser im Interview; Fotocredit: Sarah Buth

Martin Baltser im Interview;

You’ve told me that you are focussing on releasing each single track. Why do you do that?

Martin Baltser: “I do that because three years ago I released a danish CD and i didn’t really know what to do with it. After it was finished it took me a lot of time to do that and afterwards I was just sitting there with the CD and was thinking: “What is this for?” And then I had used all my energies in the wrong place. So now I use all my energy to tell that story of that song and to let the song shine when it’s released. And hopefully the people will take it in and will feel like that.”

You are playing Spot Festival with just 2 tracks. Don’t you think that this is a considerable effort?

Martin Baltser: “Yeah definitely it is. But I don’t know right now I’m just doing what I feel like.”

But are you doing everything on your own?

Martin Baltser: “I do the songwriting on my own. And then the mixing and the producing side of it all I have good friends and people I met along the way and they are giving tips how to do stuff.”
Martin Baltser im Interview; Fotocredit: Sarah Buth

Martin Baltser im Interview

What was your expectation playing Spot Festival?

Martin Baltser: “I would say yes and even more come true I was hoping for. I was going for the gig on my mind that I wanted to enjoy this gig. Because usually I have too high expectations and I just thought about this: “I just want to do what I love right now.” With my new music of which I’m very comfortable right now. So there were a lot of people that I didn’t expect for coming and people came afterwards and saying a lot of nice things. So I think it was a good thing just enjoying myself.”

We came into you show just for the three last tracks. Maybe you can give me two associations people were confronted with.

Martin Baltser: “Our plan was to make a very intimate concert. And they did a lamp setting, we had a lot of lamps into this room, to make it a cozy room. And then just when everybody enter it just sat down without anybody telling them to. So it worked I think with the dimmed lights and lamps. That was one expectation (laughing).

Your project is named with your original name. But in which way you are switching the role when you stay on stage?

Martin Baltser: “I wouldn’t say so. Actually the thought with this project is to do this on my own and sometimes I have these crazy ideas and they comes live to stage but I also do some crazy stuff in my own life. So somehow I hope that people see me as a person and not like a pop idol.”

Peter Wangel told me last year that you have to be ready for playing Spot Festival. Do you feel the same?

Martin Baltser: “So the good thing with Spot is there are a lot of people interesting in new stuff and they don’t necessarily have heard the music a lot they just come because they saw that it sounded crazy and funny. So Spot was very nice for me because where I stand now I have only two tracks and I know that it’s pretty new all of my stuff. So Spot was a great opportunity for me and my band because we were able to show what is coming and what they can expect and what it’s kind of world I try to make with my music.”
Martin Baltser im Interview; Fotocredit: Sarah Buth

Martin Baltser im Interview

So “Crazy View” is your newest track. What comes next?

Martin Baltser: “So at least everything would be one track at the time. At least for the first five songs. Properly I don’t know if you’ve heard it but it’s not that darkest the two first ones. I wanna just to open the world a little bit.”

Maybe you can describe where you stand in the nordic music scene and what you can give it to the scene and what the scene gives to you?

Martin Baltser: “As I told before I’m quite new in the danish and the international scene but I’m trying to give it a goal with something that is a little bit more crooked. Like, I like to do big scenery music like all kind of nordic music stands for right now. But also like to make it not to expectable when you hear it. So I hope that this is what will come out of my music in the end that people will say: “Oh, this is wired.” But in a good way.“


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