Sunday Portrait – Julaw with Rap from Aarhus

Julaw aus Aarhus; Fotocredit: Ole Lauritsen

Julaw aus Aarhus; Fotocredit: Ole Lauritsen

The first Sunday-portrait in June comes from Aarhus in Denmark and presents you the hiphop artist Julaw. All the information about his sound you’ll find here.

Oh how nice is this. We’re finally lucky to present you hiphop from Denmark also in here in the blog. Well ok, the lyrics are in English. Means that you won’t understand anything. But beat and flow are interesting and great! Julaw seems to have grown up in Aarhus, because in his videos he shows us around in town while rapping mischievously into the mic.

There is a video on youtube called “Aarhus 2017” which is ought to be an old-school homage to the city but is also directed at the title Cultural Capital 2017. In the mentioned year Aarhus is going to have the title European Cultural Capital and Julaw this way dedicates this video to the city’s award.

Without doubt we very much like Aarhus since our fist visit at the Spot festival. It is nice to see, that rapper Julaw goes all for this profect. Julaw appears to have a say in the scence. This is because we found a message addressing the Turkish premier minister Erdogan on Julaw’s youtube channel.


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