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MEADOWS im Interview

MEADOWS im Interview; Fotocredit: Samuel Åsberg

Kaum zu glauben, aber mit „The Emergency Album“ erscheint am 27. März das erste Album des schwedischen Songwriters MEADOWS. Es fühlt sich so an, als wäre es das bereits zweite, dritte oder gar vierte Album. So lange schon mischt MEADOWS hier schon mit und nicht umsonst gilt er mittlerweile als einer der gefragtesten und stilprägensten Songwriter Schwedens. Seine Songs sind stets Intim, ergreifend, authentisch und tiefgründig. Wir sprechen mit dem Schweden über sein neues Album, seinen Welthit auf Spotify und über seine anstehende Tour.

Your very first album „The Emergency Album“ will be released in March. How much anticipation is there?

MEADOWS: I’ve been working on this album for about a year, so the big prize for me was to get it mastered and finished, but I’m very eager to hold it in my hands. My listeners have been asking for this for years now, so I’m getting a lot of sweet energy from a lot of them with every single coming out. I hope they will enjoy it the album!

Nothing was sampled or programmed on the album. How analog can an album sound today and why did you choose this production process?

MEADOWS: Actually, it wasn’t a dogma – it just happened like that. For the songs to stay organic and alive I needed to do it this way. So it’s all full takes, with no headphones or click. Then of course, afterwards, countess overlays with anything that makes sounds. Acoustic instruments, analogue synthesizers, glasses, bowls, furniture. Anything. For me it’s not that important if it sounds analog or not, as long as it’s organic. I listen a lot to electronic music and even the most digital, hard tracked chip music can be very organic.

What stumbling blocks have you encountered during production?

MEADOWS: I moved out from my old studio and had to make myself a new one. This one didn’t give me the same possibilities as before. I had to struggle with a lot of noise from the streets and buildings. And also of course it was an emotional roller-coaster. Lot’s of doubts, trying to figure out what I actually wanted to do. It took me almost two years to get started.

Kind of strange, it doesn’t feel like a debut album to you, but more like a second, third album. Does your countless shows abroad make you feel like you have been writing songs forever, or did this tour stop you?

MEADOWS: I feel the same. I’ve been doing this for quite some time now. And I do have songs for a bunch of records. So this SHOULD have been my third album I feel. The touring didn’t get in the way, but life in general did. Also my main focus is to play live, that’s where the real magic happens for me. I love it so much.

You always tell us the most intimate details of your personal inner life in your songs. To what extent does this make you fragile and stable at the same time?

MEADOWS: I think it’s the only way I know. And hopefully my own experiences are generally human enough for others to feel connected to the songs. Being honest, transparent, grounded and fairly open with both joy and brokenness makes life easier and more stable in general I think. Early in my music career I realized that I’ll never be one of the ‘cool’ artists…I can’t wear sunglasses indoors – but I could lose my pants on stage and get away with it. That’s worth more for me.

The title track of your EP „The Only Boy Awake“ is floating in completely different spheres when it comes to streaming. What is your own expectation of new songs and those of your listeners on Spotify?

MEADOWS: Actually I’m happily surprised by how this didn’t get in the way for me. I just made the record I wanted to make, and if people like it I’ll be very happy. And if not… I’m still proud of it. This is my music. And even though I’m not expecting the same crazy amount of streams as last time, the first singles are actually already doing really good.

Recently your newest single came out with „Emergency Song“. Could you give us a brief description of the small steps you are taking to approach the album?

MEADOWS: There will be a couple of more singles coming out before the album drops. It gives me some time to build up and prepare for the release. I’m working with some really great visual artists, Jerry Milton Ross and Daniel Baumgardt, that’s making the art for this album. I’m really excited to see what they come up with.

If you had to break the song down: What function should it have regarding the album?

MEADOWS: I really didn’t mean for it to become the title track, but I realized that The Emergency Album was the title for the album. There are some really dark songs on this record, so I’m happy there are a couple of lighter bagatelles too. And then this one, that’s kind of airy and sweet. I wrote and recorded it the same day. After running around in circles for while I decided I needed to get out of it – and this song was a way to put words to that.

In May it goes on tour through Germany. Playing in Germany is something special for you because …

MEADOWS: Yes, I’ll be going through Hungary, Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland. Most dates are in Germany. It’s a place that’s very dear to my heart. The first country I went to play outside of Sweden. There is a very special listening culture in Germany that goes very good with this kind of music. People come out to really listen. The clubs and festivals are always very well organized and the hospitality is second to none. It’s also a beautiful country to travel in, with loads of great culture, architecture and art. I’m just in love with that place.


11.05.2020 Wiesbaden – Kreativfabrik
12.05.2020 Bielefeld – Movie Event Café
13.05.2020 Lippstadt – Atelier T8
14.05.2020 Hannover – Lux
15.05.2020 Göttingen – Nörgelbuff
16.05.2020 Lohr – Umsonst und Draußen Festival
18.05.2020 Köln – Die Wohngemeinschaft
20.05.2020 Bremen – Etage 3 / Lagerhaus
21.05.2020 Lüneburg – Salon Hansen
22.05.2020 Hamburg – Uwe (Klubhaus St. Pauli)
24.05.2020 Berlin – silent green Kulturquartier
26.05.2020 Nürnberg – Club Stereo
27.05.2020 Zürich – Dynamo
28.05.2020 St. Gallen – Folk Café
29.05.2020 Bern – Goscho
30.05.2020 Muraz (Sierre) – Palp Festival
31.05.2020 Pforzheim – Konzertreihe Horch!


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