Interview Gottschalk

Interview mit Gottschalk – „I’m always trying to find new sounds.“

Im Interview: Gottschalk aus Kopenhagen

Im Interview: Gottschalk aus Kopenhagen

Gestern haben wir noch das Debütalbum „Common Ground“ der dänischen Pop-Musikerin Gottschalk vorgestellt. Heute haben wir beim Soundkartell für Euch ein Interview mit der Sängerin für Euch. Sie spricht über ihr Debüt, über Troels Abrahamsen und vieles mehr.

Just introduce you in three sentences.

Gottschalk: „I’m a danish singer from Denmark, who’s releasing my debutalbum ”Common Ground” on november 6, that I have been working on during the last couple of years. Im inspired by human beings, life and the connection between mind and body, which is being reflected in my songwriting.“

Did you ever hear of Thomas Gottschalk here in Germany? He is a very famous presenter in Germany and did the TV-Show “Wetten, dass…”.

Gottschalk: „Yes, I heard about him. When I’m performing in Germany, I’m always trying to get people to think, that I am Thomas Gottschalks’ secret daughter… haha.. I think we got the same hair…“

It’s very difficult for the Germans to find you and your music. Do you have a hint for us?

Gottschalk: „I wish, but unfortunately its difficult to say. Of course I’m on spotify, i-tunes and so on…but
Scandinavia has got so many great artists, so I understand it can be hard to find me. My best advice is be to be qurious about and open for new sounds and alternative artists in the north. I guess thats where you’ll find me… if you look long enough.“ 😉

After three years of being creative (two EP Releases since 2012) you are now releasing your Debut “Common Ground”. In which way this is like the perfect “full stop” of your career until now?

Gottschalk: „I guess you can call it a full stop in a way. The two EP’s reflect my process towards the album and are a symbol of my establishment through time. With the album, I’ve never worked so hard on anything before; creatively, economically and emotionally! Im showing many different sides of myself on the album and I took some chances, where I give more of myself, and that’s why the album is of a big value to me.“

What can we expect from your debut when we are listening to it the first time?

Gottschalk: „That you won’t hear the same song twice! You will constantly be dragged into a new sound universe and it’s an album that requires that you sit down and listen to it. I’ve focused on good melodies throughout the album, but still with an attempt to challenge my listeners.“

Are there certain stories about the songs you wrote?

Gottschalk: „Yes. But they are mostly a combination of a story, feelings and thoughts. Sometimes my aproach to songwriting is more like a diary, where I write down my thoughts and describe a certain atmosphere that is inside of me. But the songs are always related to a story – either about myself or inspired by other people. I like to leave my stories open for interpretation and I’m very focused on the vibes and musical universe.“

I really love the music of Troels Abrahamsen. And I would say that you are the female counterpart of him. In which way you would agree thinking about the way of your music you are making?

Gottschalk: „I think Troels’ music is much more electronic than mine, but I do see some similarities in the way our vocals are produced in the studio. I think Troels is always exploring himself in a new contexts when he makes music, and I do relate to that. Im always trying to find new sounds, that suits my voice.“

During the last years I know many danish artists and bands and they all have one or two unique characteristic in their music. What is your personal most “danish” element in your music?

Gottschalk: „I’m not sure that you can hear, from the way we express ourselves through music, which nation you come from. People all content the same register of feelings and emotions, and I don’t believe, that there is a specific ”danish” sound. But I think, what characterizes my music is, that I used to play classical piano as a kid, and I am still using some of these delicate elements in my songwriting, and the deeper emotional state of mind also influences my sound universe.
Also the combination of electronic beats, synthesizers and acoustic instrumens are very caracteristic for my sound at the moment and for my new album ”Common Ground”.“

An Album is always like a snapshot. When you release your album you are already working on new stuff. How is it about with Gottschalk?

Gottschalk: „I think you are always moving towards new inspirations and sounds, trying to challenge yourself in a different way, and I think its important not to write the same song twice. In my case, I am in a place where I would like to do some liverecordings of my songs in a very lowfi style, where you get a feeling of how the songs were written on a piano. Kind of peeling of the layers.“

What is more inspiring for you in doing music: a very long forest walk or two days in networking and doing workshops with other musicians?

Gottschalk: „A long forrestwalk!
I always get inspired if I give myself a break in a place where I am close to nature. It has a meditative effect on me. Movement, in general, is always stimulating my brain in a creative way. In fact, I wrote many of my songs on a trip to Canada where I was alone, mostly surrounded by nature.“

Your greatest wish for 2016.

Gottschalk: „I’m hoping that my album will be well received in Denmark and Germany, as I am planning to tour in those countries!
Hopefully I will be playing at some of the many festivals that are in Denmark in the summer.. Especially some of the festivals, that are focusing on upcoming artists and giving space to music, that is not mainstream. The biggest would be Roskilde Festival.“

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