Indisk Snaps

Temperament and rock by Indisk Snaps from Aarhus

Indisk Snaps aus Aarhus

Indisk Snaps aus Aarhus

This Sunday we from Soundkartell have another Sunday-portrait for you. And presents you the electro-pop project Indisk Snaps from Aarhus.

Sound and vocals remind us of Fall Out Boy. And indeed Indisk Snaps have something of them in their music, that pushes and they present us truly exhilarating guitars which rather tend towards the direction of alternative and heavy rock. If we put our head above the parapet, we would say: This is true indie-rock. Especially in times of electro-pop, in a time with a lot of synths marking and guiding the music, Indisk Snaps have a love for earthy guitar sound, which loses itself both songs such as “Let Me Go” and in many solos which then in the end find themselves in a driving hook.

It’s a pity that we don’t find any English information about Indisk Snaps. All Danish and therefore not understandably. We only encounter that the band exists since 2010 with the following members: Sebastian Pen Sloth (Vocals, Synth, Guitar), Peter Juul Møller (Guitar), Jonathan Jull Ludvigsen (Drums) and Jens Plum Frandsen (Bass).

Also by more detailed and deep research we don’t score a hit to find out more about the band. Actually that’s too bad since with DISTRACTIONS they released an EP which creates a true firework of indie and rock and requires a lot of attention.

Especially in times of mass-produced indie and electro-pop Indisk Snaps are a welcome and above all very successful change for us.

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