Feel Freeze

Classical-modern electro-pop by Feel Freeze

Toller Dänischer Electro-Pop von Feel Freeze; Fotocredit:  Emilie Marie Kjær

Toller Dänischer Electro-Pop von Feel Freeze; Fotocredit: Emilie Marie Kjær

Mid-june and it’s getting Danish again. The Soundkartell presents you the electro-pop duo feel freeze from Copenhagen in the review.

Which words are left for us say about Danish bands devoting themselves to electro-pop.
That the Danes are ahead of us in this area, becomes clear in many sounds and bands from this genre. It is a certain internationality coming with the sound. An element we can’t encompass easily, but we hear in the music we listen to.

Feel Freeze is another example how progressive and yet up-to-date the music by the Danes is. The duo consists of Mathias Vinther and Raymonde Gaunoux and celebrates a true electro-pop sound. There are the two vocals at first hand, which harmonize greatly and display a great duo. And then there are the melodic arrangements such as in their song “Young (Again)”. Simply unhurried the song starts with sound elements which are typical for pop. The song is blown up to something wonderful in one minute and almost melts in the synths and the warm vocals.

Truly dreamy and pop-like trendy Feel Freeze present their music. Here electronic beats and synths mustn’t be missing. We very much liked the track “Give Me Your Heart”. There pop and indie elements almost bubble. It’s clear: The sound is nothing completely new. Indie and electro-pop exists in masses. But Feel Freeze include unusual ways in their songs. Therefore you should listen for example to the track “Lights Off”. Here they vary the speed and appear very experimental to us. This is does good to the sound. It turns it into a certain type of electro-pop sound which became typically Danish and modern.

At the moment there is nothing new by Feel Freeze to listen to. Currently they are working with new songs. We are curious what the result will be. That they were allowed to play at the Spot festival last year, proves the trust bookers put into the sound.

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