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Gurriers im Interview – Reeperbahn Festival Special

Gurriers im Interview für das Reeperbahn Festival 2022; Fotocredit: Tori Gimblett

Eines ist bei Gurriers sicher: Am Freitagabend wird ab 23:55 Uhr der Karatekeller im Molotow zerlegt. Die Dubliner Indie-Punk Band wird dafür alles geben. Da bin ich mir so ziemlich sicher. Denn wer die Songs der Iren zu hören bekommt, bei dem wird es dröhnen. Die fünf Jungs aus Irland bilden Gurriers und sie sind ein top eingespieltes Team. Jeder weiß was er zu tun hat und jeder weiß damit auch, dass es für sie keine halbe Sachen gibt. Es geht nur vorwärts. Es ging schon verdammt schnell auch für die fünf. In der Pandemie gegründet – was für eine Unzeit für eine Gründung – spielen sie jetzt dieses Jahr im Molotow das Reeperbahn Festival und das zur Bestzeit. Allerdings müssen wir hoffen, dass ein Großteil der Zuschauer:innen dann immer noch genug Energie hat, um im stickigen Karatekeller abzugehen.

„Music requires energy and there is no energy better than a live crowd on your side.“

Der pulsierende Post-Punk wird aber schon dafür sorgen, dass keiner ruhig in der Ecke stehen bleibt und sein Bierchen zippt. Hallende Gitarren, epische wiederholende Melodien und Vocals führen uns einen umso gewaltigeren Sound vor Augen. Das ist noisey, das ist laut, schwitzig und genau richtig, um die Freitagnacht einzuläuten. Für das Festival haben wir den Iren Fragen zu ihrem Sound, der Pandemie, der aktuellen Konzert-Situation und die Erwartung zum RBF 2022 gestellt.

FR, 23.09.2022 / 23:55 UHR

Nobistor 14, 22767 Hamburg

You founded yourselves in the middle of the pandemic. Now you are part of the Reeperbahn Festival. Would you have expected that, despite the pandemic, it would be so easy to play on international stages?

Gurriers: „Like all artists and creative workers, there was no end in sight with lockdowns for a period. We got together as safely as we could and shared our ideas to craft our sound. Being away from live shows for so long, it makes us cherish every moment on stage together as we all know how quickly it can disappear.“

To what extent do you benefit a bit from the fact that people are happy to finally experience live music again?

Gurriers: „Music requires energy and there is no energy better than a live crowd on your side. Post pandemic everyone has a good bit of madness in them for live music and we love it! When it came to us getting out gigging once restrictions started easing, we definitely wanted to wait until the right moment for us to be able to connect with the audience properly. We were offered some shows that would’ve been all seated, as was required with restrictions in Ireland at
the time, but we decided to wait until we could have that more authentic, rowdy and energetic type crowd, which is definitely something that we feed off of massively during our shows.“

In Germany we are currently going through a pretty low phase, with concerts having to be canceled because advance sales are going so badly. How do you perceive the development at the moment?

Gurriers: „It’s unfortunate and we see the same thing here in Ireland. Although we stay hopeful and with the rise of the industry again, we see it all coming back as strong if not stronger than before. As long as government support allows for this re-growth stage in our industry.“

You are also part of the Reeperbahn Festival and play in the Karatekeller in the Molotow. The people from the Reeperbahn Festival say: It’s going to be hot. That could be a kind of Irish home game in Hamburg, right?

Gurriers: „Gimme dat sweat… we want it…“

You are friends, roommates and colleagues. How would you describe your team spirit when producing in the studio versus on stage and live on the road?

Gurriers: „Collaboration is very important, with every member allowed to have a say at all stages of production in the studio/rehearsing. Live on stage is when we benefit from all of our work and can enjoy the moments together. We are close friends first and foremost and we rely on that bond to get through the hard moments and to accentuate the great moments.“

So far we can hear each other through three songs. What insight into how things are going for you can you give us on Friday evening?

Gurriers: „We’ve been working in the studio with producers for new singles scheduled for release down the line. Although our set will contain many new tracks that we feel embody our sound to a level we didn’t expect.“


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