Interview: Thomas Gaist

Thomas Gaist Interview „Patience is the key to succeeding.“

Thomas Gaist Newcomer; Fotocredit: André Supa

Thomas Gaist Newcomer; Fotocredit: André Supa

Das Soundkartell hat den dänischen Musiker Thomas Gaist exklusiv für Euch im Interview.

Please just introduce yourself very quickly. Where are you, how does your music sound and what have you done until today?

Thomas Gaist: My name is Thomas Gaist and I live in Denmark. I don’t really know how to describe my sound, but I would maybe call it electronic singer/songwriter with elements of pop. I honestly haven’t done much of anything yet, I released the two track EP A coward’s confession/Narcissus, but other than that, not much.

So you’ve released your track “Worries” just a few days ago. How was the resonance? KarriereKanonen got aware of your music. What impact does this have to you and your music?

Thomas Gaist: I think it was well received, certainly got some attention on a few blogs and on soundcloud. It’s hard to tell what impact Karrierekanonen will have on my music career, it all depends on whether I’m chosen to play live as part of the competition. Hopefully it will gain momentum.

In the last couple of years a lot of very promising acts from Denmark grew up. How important is it for you as a danish act to be patient?

Thomas Gaist: I’m not sure what impact it has on my music, that I’m from Denmark. I guess that depends on what my goals are, but generally speaking, I think patience is key to succeeding.

Having high hopes and coming out of Denmark as an international focussed artists from Denmark, what risks do these circumstances pose for you?

Thomas Gaist: The biggest risk, I think, is that I’m not original enough to stand out.

As I listened to your song the first time I was very impressed. But I also thought: With this phenomenal he could have written a normal Soul-Pop song. But why did you produced a very unconventional track like this?

Thomas Gaist: Not to knock more mainstream music at all, but to me it doesn’t really make sense to keep making the same music over and over again. I try to make music that I find interesting myself.

What can we expect from the coming months?

Thomas Gaist: As of now, I’m not sure, but I’m working on new music.

You as an independent artists, could you shortly describe how hard it is to work completely on your own and what are the most important steps to bring your music to blog like this here on Soundkartell?

Thomas Gaist: There’s definitely a lot of work required from the basic idea of a song until the finished track. Especially if you, like me, are a pedant who likes to work in fine detail. I would say that sending your songs around to people and blogs and so forth, combined with some patience is the most important factor in getting recognised. Don’t be afraid of rejection and don’t overthink everything.


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