St. Beaufort

St. Beaufort – Not that normal overblown Folk-Band

Internationales Trio St. Beaufort; Credit:

Internationales Trio St. Beaufort; Credit:

It’s the first day of June and our blog shines bright in its new design! We hope that you like it so far. If you don’t – please contact us for suggesting changes. As the first band on the ‘new’ blog respectively the first band in June we would like to present you the trio St. Beaufort from Germany, Canada and the U.S. You’ll get all the information with us.

Finally a banjo and a mandolin again. How much did we miss the use of those great instruments! Since Mumford & Sons have withered folk into mainstream concert folk and all the time when a banjo was involved in music everybody concluded this band, those two instruments brought a negative connotation for us. Now we finally found one of these international folk and bluegrass bands again and we’ll present you the trio St. Beaufort. I just so happens that recently they released their self-titled debut album. But wait! It was the track “Wolf”, which invited us to further listen into the album. Apparently there always has to be a so-called “ear-catcher”. For St. Beaufort this was the case and this how it has to be nowadays when you want to stand out of the number of bands. Especially in the field of folk.

With Joe, Henric and Derek we get three different vocals. This leads to a pleasant variety even when the voices of the three gentlemen sometimes sound similar. So this way St. Beaufort have to watch out anyhow that their sound doesn’t burble along too much. Here they run the risk that their songs disperse and don’t find their way back to the listener’s ears.

Nevertheless, St. Beaufort do it well. At last there is a band once more devoting itself to folk and bluegrass in an authentic way. This feature is given to them through their internationality. But they also present us a swollen and sentimental story in their press text, which makes us to ask again: Is that really necessary? Just let the music speak for itself.


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