Interview: Ziggy Alberts über „searching for freedom“

Ziggy Alberts im Interview

Ziggy Alberts neues Album im Review;_Photographer: Janneke Storm

Letzte Woche haben wir euch das neue Album „searching for freedom“ des australischen Künstlers Ziggy Alberts vorgestellt. Zum Release haben wir dem Künstler einige Fragen stellen dürfen. Wie sich der Prozess vom ersten zum fünften Album verändert hat, wo sich Ziggy Alberts zu Hause fühlt und welchen Tipp er für euch hat, erfahrt ihr hier.

Soundkartell: „searching for freedom“ is your fifth album. How did the creative process change compared to your first one?
Ziggy Alberts: The first album was recorded completely live, and overall was a lot faster (haha). This creative process for searching for freedom spanned 15 months, and we really took our time and tried not to force any recordings. This is rare to have the luxury of time, at least in my experience of making albums.

S: What is your process from coming up with an idea for a song to its release?
ZA: It is a very big process these days. It usually starts as melody, or a guitar rift, then I figure out what the topic of the song is. I try to make demos and put them into my little song bank, where I can save photos or any other inspirations that come with the song. This has proved important because then I feel I can offload the data from my brain (haha).

Ziggy Alberts neues Album „searching for freedom“

S: What artists inspire you personally?
ZA: There is many, but I must say Gregory Alan Isakov was very inspiring when I saw him live – he was very much himself on stage, and he let the songs speak for themselves. Nothing was fancy but everything was beautiful!

S: Your album is called „searching for freedom“ but where or when do you feel at home?
ZA: Days like today out in the ocean with my loved ones. When I am present and not rushing the moment, and it seems that life gives back to you when you do this.

S: What question would you love to answer in an interview but no one has asked it yet?
ZA: Would you recommend the Wim Hof Method to others? and I would say – absolutely! If you are reading this, I would love you to give it a go.

„searching for freedom“ ist seit dem 19. März 2021 auf allen gängigen Streaming Diensten verfügbar und kann als CD und Vinyl für den 30. April vorbestellt werden.


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