FYFE Interview „I always try to remember how lucky I am.“

FYFE im Interview; Photo by Sophie Harris Taylor

FYFE im Interview; Photo by Sophie Harris Taylor

Wir haben FYFE exklusiv zum Interview für seinen Release hier beim Soundkartell.

„The Space Between“, so heißt das neue Album von FYFE. Das erscheint heute und passend zum Release gibt es hier ein ausführliches Interview mit dem Musiker für Euch.

Paul, the dramatic loss of your friends and your grandma and that you got uncle three times are two massive emotional circumstances. In which way these feelings made it very hard while producing your new songs of “The Space Between”?

FYFE: I didn’t really realise how much I had been affected by those events until I had written most of the album and it became clear that there was a definite theme throughout the songs. It was a very natural process to write about how I was feeling – the writing process itself was helpful rather than difficult.

Why couldn’t we reduce the new album to one track which could give us a feeling what we will hear in these 11 new tracks?

FYFE: The album isn’t just written from my perspective, it’s a collection of narratives of different characters and situations so I don’t think it would be possible to condense all those themes into one song.

To tell your audience the story about the loss of your friends and grandma and your positive experiences is the one thing. Don’t you think that this is a little bit risky to let them know what happened to you in the case that they are now biased while hearing your new album the first time?

FYFE: I think it’s really important to let people engage with music as fully as possible. I could have been silent about the themes behind the album but I think it would have removed a layer of depth from people’s experience. No matter what a song is about, ultimately people place their own significance onto it from their own experiences. I love it when people make a song their own.

In which way you would maybe agree that the people aren’t really aware that producing an album is always just like a snapshot and that you will just start right away a new phase with releasing it and maybe going on tour and writing new songs?

FYFE: Albums are definitely contained projects and they take a long time to make. I think it’s a really special format as you can really say something and create a whole musical world for people to explore, which isn’t possible when just releasing single songs.

You said that changing your name to Fyfe gives you the freedom of being creative. But isn’t that a little bit naive to say: “Oh maybe I will change my name in a about three years again, if I don’t feel that creative anymore.” – Just to exaggerate.

FYFE: It’s not necessarily about changing names all the time, more that I find freedom in not working under my actual name. Otherwise I would feel like every piece of music somehow defined who I am as a person, which I would find limiting.
FYFE im Interview; Photo by Sophie Harris Taylor

FYFE im Interview; Photo by Sophie Harris Taylor

Don’t you think that everything you make is still a reflection of you makes you also very open to attack because it is so personal?

FYFE: Any art is in some way a reflection of it’s maker. It would make me feel much more self conscious to make something which wasn’t truthful and try to convince people I was someone other than who I am. I think there is a lot of power in honesty.

Once you’ve decided just to make music in your whole life: Do you still feel privileged to be able to make music and in which way in the last couple of months you got aware that you can not force anything in being a musician?

FYFE: It’s a huge privilege to be able to make music as a career and I try not to take it for granted. As with any job, there are good days and bad days, but I always try to remember how lucky I am. I hope I can continue making music for a long time to come.



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