Deep-House DJ-Duo from Sweden – CANVAS

DJ-Duo CANVAS aus Stockholm; Fotocredit: Christian Bang

DJ-Duo CANVAS aus Stockholm; Fotocredit: Christian Bang

For today’s new-presentation we take you to Stockholm. There we meet the DJ-Duo CANVAS. Finest deep-house is waiting for you.

Until now we didn’t present DJs at Soundkartell very often. No idea why. Somehow I haven’t looked deep enough into the area of “unknown DJs” that it would have been worth it to present something from there. Mostly DJy are the musicians who are more popular and have it easier to kick-start their career.

Via several Soundcloud pages and Facebook fan pages I encountered the duo CANVAS from Stockholm. And during our listening on the Soundcloud page we remembered again why we’ve presented only few DJ projects so far. It’s simply that they only do remixes and hardly produce their own songs. Exactly this was the case with CANVAS. Rarely one track stems from them. Except for one from three years ago: “Tradition”.
No idea why until today there is not more material on the page which has been produced by themselves. Well, obviously the remixes have to be produced at first hand.

But the song “Tradition” ist that great – just a very great deep-house track you can listen to several times in a row during your day. A really great summer track!
Next to this we can click through a bunch of great remixes by the two Swedes. For example on of Seinabo Sey`s track “Hard Time”. Or the remix of Lisa Alma`s track “Fine”, which made it to gather several thousand plays.

Truly astonishing how a band gets more followers on Soundcloud (1.284, number as of 2nd June) than on Facebook (631, number as of 2nd June). This demonstrates how active they are rather in DJ circles and that they manage to create a greater reputation by their remixes than by their presence on Facebook. More than one month ago there has been a new mix by them we enjoyed very much. You can listen to it with us here:

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