ZHU – Hometown Girl (Khamsin Remix)

ZHU release „Hometown Girl“ Khamsin Remix

ZHU "Hometown Girl" Khamsin Remix

ZHU „Hometown Girl“ Khamsin Remix

Davi from New York will introduce you to the new remix of the ZHU track.

Another day, another brazen piece of work from a Parisian producer. Khamsin, one of the hottest rising beatmakers from the European region, puts his spin on the producers track „Hometown Girl“ and I am impressed. While the original was more a mellow crooner, Khamsin does a phenomenal job of injecting a bit of upbeat, positive flair to the producers signature moody style. Too many amateur producers do too much, often overshadowing the ingenuity that made original productions great. But with his newest remix, Khamsin walks the fine line between tweaking to his taste and respecting the process behind the conception of the original „Hometown Girl.“

This is his first out of many releases scheduled for q4 2017, hinting at some pop crossover and collaborations with rising vocalists.


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