Wild Belle exklusiv im Interview mit dem Soundkartell!

Wild Belle exklusiv im Interview mit dem Soundkartell!

Wild Belle

Wild Belle

Das Soundkartell hat sich exklusiv für euch mit den Musikern von Wild Belle unterhalten. Eben waren sie noch exklusiv in drei deutschen Städten. Unter anderem auch in München. Mit ihrem Song „Keep You“ landeten sie einen richtigen Hit und nun könnt ihr hier exklusiv das Interview nachlesen. Dabei sprechen sie über ihre Musik, soziale Medien und darüber wie es ist als Multiinstrumentalist bezeichnet zu werden. Achja, es ist auf Englisch und somit international!



Wild Belle

Wild Belle, you`ve released your debutalbum „Isles“. Could you please describe the typical Wild Belle-Sound on it in a few words?

Blues Tropicale!

You`ve recorded it on your own. How expensive was the album?

I had done a bunch of work on Bill and Jessica’s record and we were trading days in the studio, so that’s how we were able to make it.

In former times your hometown Chicago was known for ford and especially for jazz-music. In what way you personaly and your music are an inherent part of this city? Is there still a special music scene?

Chicago has an amazing music scene and an amazing tradition. Growing up, we always were listening to recordings from Chess records. Muddy Waters, Bo Didley, Howlin’ Wolf, Etta James etc. That was just a part of the fabric of music in Chicago and you heard it all the time. There is also an amazing jazz tradition, and a vibrant scene today. We are huge fans of the AACM and the Art Ensemble of Chicago. Phil Cohran is also an amazing part of the Chicago jazz legacy and you can still find him performing today at the Ethipian Diamond. His sons have an amazing band called Hypnotic Brass.

Elliot, how often were you referred to as a genius, a prodigy?Isn`t that annoying or are you gladly „playing“ with that attribut?

I haven’t heard that before! Most of the time I’m happy when I’m not messing up during the show!


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How important are social-media to promote youreself as a band?

It’s sort of a necessary evil. It can be a nice way to connect with new people, but you have to fight to not let it suck up too much of your time.

What makes a fan a „really fan“ to you? Is it just a facebook-fan?

It’s always amazing when people know the words to the song and can sing along. Our record just came out and so now it’s nice that everybody can learn the words to all of the music.

What is „Happy Home“ and „Love Like This“ about?

„Happy Home“ deals with the unsettling feeling that things in a relationship are starting to unravel. „Love Like This“ is more of a wistful take on things.

With which topic are you involved in your lyrics? There is something that is discussed most?
Most of this record deals with losing love. That can come from romantic love, or from losing a family member.

When you are playing a live show, which mood would you transfer to the audience?
We try to bring people together and create music that’s uplifting. Music has the power to move people, and so it’s always nice when you can feel that happening. It can be bodies moving or minds or hearts…

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