Why We Run

Interview mit Why We Run

Interview mit Why We Run aus Sydney.

Interview mit Why We Run aus Sydney.

Wir vom Soundkartell haben der australischen Indie-Pop Band Why We Run mal ein paar Fragen gestellt. Die Antworten hierzu lest ihr hier.

Vor gut einer Woche erschien mit „Ignites“ ein neuer Track der Indie-Pop Band Why We Run. Wir haben ihn von der ersten Sekunde an in unser Indie-Pop Herz geschlossen. Da haben wir uns gedacht, wir stellen den Jungs mal ein paar Fragen bezüglich ihrer Musik und sie verraten uns auch, welche Nachricht sie einem Deutschen Booker in einem Hotel hinterlassen würden.

Introduce Why We Run in three sentences.

Why We Run: „A Belgian moved to Australia indefinitely, even though he’d never been there. He met two brothers and bonded with them over shared musical loves. A mysterious stranger showed up in our rehearsal space one day and then there were four.“

You recently released your new track “Ignites”. What can we expect from your new song?

Why We Run: „If it were a person, it would clean your house, mow your lawn, pick your kids up from school and help them with their algebra.“

Give us one reason why we have to give your song a listen!

Why We Run: „Because if you write down every third word of the lyrics, you’ll discover a recipe for making a great blueberry crumble.“

We really like your new song “Ignites” a lot. Which three elements do you have which lift you up in comparison to other Indie-Pop Bands?

Why We Run: „Thanks – glad you like it! We certainly don’t see ourselves as above or beneath anybody. We just focus on doing our thing and try to take our time when crafting songs. Ignites in particular took a very long time to write and was a really challenging nut to crack. It went through multiple arrangements and iterations with a few arguments along the way. In the end it was worth it (hopefully!).“

How do you fit into the flourishing music scene in Sydney right now?

Why We Run: „We never really stop to think about how we fit in to any particular scene. There’s always been great music coming outta Sydney (like anywhere I guess) – the internet has just made it easier for it to be rapidly shared. If you haven’t heard them already, check out these great current Sydney artists, most of whom are friends of ours – Gordi, Setec, Gang of Youths, Seekae, The Jezabels, Little May, to name a few.“

What importance does attention from Germany have to your project?

Why We Run: „Attention from anywhere is really nice, to be honest. Three of us have been to Germany and have a lot of affection for the country. I especially enjoyed my time in Berlin, because it felt like there were so many different subcultures smashed together in quite close proximity. Like you could jump on public transport and travel five minutes, then experience a completely different atmosphere.“

Isn’t Australia big enough?

Why We Run: „Sure it’s big, but it’s isolated and a lot of it is harsh, arid and uninhabited. You’re welcome to stake your claim to your very own slice of the Nullarbor if you like…“

Normally we don’t like to talk about this sort of stuff, but the cover of your new single is very shocking…

Why We Run: „The song is pretty upbeat, bright and poppier than a lot of our material, so we wanted to juxtapose that with an image that was kinda the opposite. An excellent photographer called Dick Sweeney took these crazy UV portrait shots of us, then our singer blended them together to create the art. Good to hear it left an impression.“

Imagine you are sleeping one night in the same hotel as a famous booker from Germany, but you know that you will check out earlier than the booker. What message would you leave for him that makes him aware of your music?

Why We Run: “Hey ‘Mr Booker’, we wanted to serve you breakfast in bed but had to catch a flight to France (booo!), so we made this message with a delicate arrangement of scrambled eggs instead. We’d love to work with you in the future. Hope you read this before eating it.

Your friends,

Why We Run”

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