Velvet Morning

Hummed Psychedelic-Pop from Velvet Morning

Velvet Morning aus London; Fotocredit:

Velvet Morning aus London

From the midst of this great June weekend we decrease the speed and calm down by presenting you the psychedelic-pop quartet Velvelt Morning from London.

Some of the music nerds among you are probably wondering why we talk about the track only now. This has some other reasons as we do not wish to simply kick out some track-news without sincere content and at the same time we listen to the tracks for some longer time to get into them. And this just takes its time. The same happened to us with the four-person psychedelic pop band from London. Velvet Morning. Very soft, smooth and to some extend lovely Velvet Morning approach us with their first singe “You’re Blue I’m Blue”. The vocals are just hummed and mumbled for about 5 minutes. Really clear and intelligible they don’t get at all, but the humming gives the song a great playfulness and solemn atmosphere. The song is the so-called herald for the album, which is going to be released in exactly 10 days. It’s the band’s debut record and has been baptized GORILLA.

Driven by the 20-year-old frontman Samuel Jones the band also consist of Charlie Carmichael, Chris Rihardson and John Kirkwood three further musicians which nearly absorb the psychedelic sound. The accomplished this through diverse psychedelic influences of the last 50 years, we’d say. But also because the band has its base in the middle of the impulsive and creative center in England – London.

At the point when I was writing the review I didn’t have the album of the band yet. Only the single. But even that tiny it amazed us that much we were thinking: a pure piece of sugar. Lethargy and simpleness and all that compressed in about 4.30 min.

We are excited about what happens the next to Velvet Morning. Even though it is clear that their music is very special and won’t get airplay in the mainstream radio stations. For being played their the psychedelic-pop lobby in the music department of the radios is still too small. But – who knows.

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