The „Ur“-mother observing everything from above

Urmutter aus Kopenhagen

Urmutter aus Kopenhagen

The band name sounds strange. The music is moving arduously. Soundkartell reveals why you nevertheless should keep Urmutter in mind.

To whom on earth comes into mind to call a band Urmutter? We already have talked about German band names of Danish bands in one of our Soundkartell radio programs. There is for example the band Blaue Blume. And finally we encountered the band Altmodisch. And now Urmutter? Seriously? What’s all that about?

What definitely is clear, is that Urmutter is really unknown. More than two weeks ago on the 21st May, the first single “Avenue of Giants” of the new project has been released. So far so good. At least we can give their music a listen now.
On facebook the Dane has managed to gather just about 200 likes. The single is a herald for a first EP called GONE HOME SYNDROME coming out August 23. We would describe the style of the music as post-pop.

The person behind the project is the Dane Søren Bonke. He put 5 tracks onto his EP and his inspiration actually traces back to the concept of “Urmutter”, for which in English there is no direct translation but one could refer to it as the “first mother”. The term “Urmutter” has a biblical origin and stands for Eve as the mother of all first humans. She watches everything from above and sees how we do it here.

In fact the music by Urmutter is ponderous. Especially in the first single the sound stretches out too much. This is because of the synth-bass line creeping like a snail through the song. Well, maybe this is a bit exaggerated.
We like the sound by the Dane even if it appears a bit slow at some points. For us this is rather smooth and unhurried. Not that bad when we are longing for slower rhythms from time to time.

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