The Muffin Tops

Funk-Pop from Frankfurt by The Muffin Tops

The Muffin Tops aus Frankfurt; Fotocredit: Christoph Gahmann

The Muffin Tops aus Frankfurt; Fotocredit: Christoph Gahmann

June is ready and waiting and the Soundkartell is proud to present you a band from Germany. The Muffin Tops are from Frankfurt am Main and create a dancey mixture out of funk, pop and at some points rock. Here you learn of everything about the quintet from Hesse.

According to presstexts about each second band should be good to dance to. However, mostly this turns out to be wrong since standard cliché phrases find their use in such texts. Are the bands not aware about the problem that this sounds hackneyed? In The Muffin Tops’ description the attribute dancey appears in each second sentence. And hey – there it was again! Dancey!

But we wouldn’t put so much emphasis on that if The Muffin Tops didn’t apply to that for real. We almost can’t believe it that we can take to the floor listening to their music. This is because of the funk! And this is what we we understood starting from the first minute. In order to circumnavigate the term “dancey” they describe their sound as a music composed of different rhythmic influences. This is how you can see the whole thing as well!

What is obvious is that the music by the five from Hesse is marked by a lot of work and a team working well together. Two years ago the band was founded and now the first record has been released with BLUEBERRY DREAMS.. On it they are grooving and funking in colourful ways. The perfect example standing out for this kind of music making is the song “Pain Of Truth and Lie”. With it they try out their own thing and we get the promised mixture from pop, funk and rock. Mostly those are empty promises. But with The Muffin Tops they become fulfilled. This doesn’t happen often.

The sound by The Muffin Tops is very pleasant to us. We feel it as a welcome change. However we can remark a small detail: They can still improve the density of their sound. It is somehow a pity that the music sounds too flatly produced since they would have the repertoire of instruments and do not need to sound so simple. We are also missing a catchy song. A song which touches us despite the playfulness of the music. The song doesn’t even have to be complicated. It just needs to catch. But of course this is easier said than done.
Nevertheless we grew fond of the debut album. We are really glad about the variety in our media center and believe strongly that we won’t lose touch with the music by The Muffin Tops although their sound might be little bit too special for radio stations.


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