The Boy That Got Away

Interview mit The Boy That Got Away – Spot Festival Special #1

The Boy That Got Away im Interview

The Boy That Got Away im Interview

In dieser Woche beginnen wir mit unserem Spot Festival Special 2015. Dafür haben wir uns eine Rockband aus Aarhus ausgesucht. Die haben wir zum Interview gebeten und da sprechen wir mit der Band über Klischees, die Foo Fighters und vieles mehr.

Sie gelten in ihrer Heimat als die Foo Fighters Dänemarks. Das nehmen sie einem auch gar nicht übel, dass sie mit der Star-Band verglichen werden. Im Gegenteil. Wir haben den Dänen an dieser Stelle und auch in der Hinsicht, dass sie als sehr hochwertige Band des Spot Festivals gelten, einige fragen gestellt.

Soundkartell: What makes the SPOT festival so special for you?

The Boy That Got Away: “It’s a great opportunity to showcase our music to a lot of people – both music lovers and people in the business. We would love to cross some borders with our music – we especially want to tour more in Germany, and SPOT Festival could, hopefully, be our ticket to that.
Plus it’s fantastic festival with a lot of diverse and interesting artists.”

Soundkartell: In three sentences: Where are you from and how did it all start with The Boy That Got Away?

The Boy That Got Away: “We are all born and raised in Jutland, where Tim and Casper still lives, while Matias lives in Copenhagen. The band started in 2009 and shuffled through a lot of different styles – from more bluesy rock to melancholy pop. But when we wrote the song “The Politics” in 2011 everything seemed to fall in to place – it was like we finally found the right sound or some sort of common ground that we had been looking for.”


„A good song is a good song.“


Soundkartell: What three things characterise your music the most?

The Boy That Got Away: “Energy, melody and tension.”

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Soundkartell: Some people in the musicscene describe your sound as pioneering. In which way can you confirm this attribute?

The Boy That Got Away: “Well, sometimes you are called copycats other times you are called pioneering. It may sound like a cliché, but to us it’s just about making music that we love.”

Soundkartell: Pioneering is something which can be very modern. but your sound is guided by the grunge of the 90s and 70s. That isn’t very modern, right?

The Boy That Got Away: “In the fashion world, it’s the style of the 80’s that’s currently popular, as well as in the music business – well, in Denmark anyway. But a good song is a good song, no matter when it was written. We try not to think too much about that stuff.”


The Boy That Got Away im Interview; Credit: Andreas Davidsen

The Boy That Got Away im Interview; Credit: Andreas Davidsen


Soundkartell: One danish musicjournalist described you, the band, as the danish Foo Fighters. In which way this shows you which standing you have in thedanish musicscene?

The Boy That Got Away: “I think it says more about the danish rock scene than it does about our band. Maybe it’s because there aren’t that many bands playing the style of music that we do? I don’t know. We don’t think we sound that much like Foo Fighters, but it’s a great band to be compared to, non the less.”


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Soundkartell: For us it is always great to hear which energetic sound can get out of a “small-band” like you are with three band members. How do you manage that in comparison to bands which would need 4, 5 or more band members to create a similar big sound?

The Boy That Got Away: “Maybe it’s because of the way we arrange our songs. Since we are only three we try to spread out the different parts so we all depend on each other. But that also means that we are very vulnerable and I think it’s that kind of do-or-die mentality that makes it work.”

The Boy That Got Away; Credit: Soren Andersen

The Boy That Got Away; Credit: Soren Andersen

Soundkartell: A danish band who makes rock… that sounds like a lot of stereotypes like long beard, a lot of beer and so on. Or aren’t there any stereotypes of danish rock bands?

The Boy That Got Away: “Yes, we like beer – who doesn’t? But seriously, we try to stay away from the whole “you have to be fucked up to be a rockstar”-thing. To us, to be rock n roll isn’t about getting wasted, not showing up at soundcheck or destroying hotel rooms – quite the opposite actually. That being said, I don’t think there is such a thing as a typical danish rock band. If there is, we haven’t met them.”

Soundkartell: What can we expect from your gig at SPOT festival this year?

The Boy That Got Away: “A powerful, highly energetic performance from a rock band that is dying to prove its worth. We are touring in Denmark all through spring so we are more than ready to play at SPOT.”

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