Indie-pop by Snowblink – please make more out of your sound!



For us Snowblink is one of the new pop-discoveries of the year. How strongly they changed their sound, we reveal here at the Soundkartell.

On Spotify there a two records by Snowblink you can listen to. One from the year 2004. Almost unbelievable, the record INTERIM AT AFTON VILLA is over ten years old. At that time Snowblink were touched by singer-songwriter music and involved a lot more guitar elements in their music. We could describe that as folk. Then almost 10 years later the second album MY OH MY AVALANCHE has been released. Here a lot has changed. Not only that there wasn’t just a female voice but also that there was a male voice now breathing a warmth into the songs.

The duo Snowblink comes from Toronto and dedicates itself officially to the Devotional Pop. Sounds strange and is a sound, we haven’t listened to in a while. This type of sound namely has changed itself – especially with the last tracks – strongly in the direction of electro-pop and indie. Very smooth, solemn and calm – this is how their new tracks are like. We like the new tracks very much. Especially the crystal clear and great voice of the front woman convinced us immediately.

We got sent exclusively the Track “Cyclone” for example. A truly great Indie-Track. Incredibly produced and for each indie-pop fan this is dope. The sound by the duo from Toronto has changed from its basis. It has grown. Has become more modern and up-to-date. In general and all together they did everything right. But only in general.

This is because the whole representation in the social media area is somehow a bit not up to scratch. It seems that they do this just on the side. We can only hope that with their new release, which is not totally official yet, they approach the whole thing more professionally. It’s worth it. Because Snowblink has a lot of potential. Even though the music doesn’t blow our socks off. It’s simply great indie. Enough said.

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