Midday Swim

Cozy Indie-Pop for your day at the lake – Midday Swim

Midday Swim aus Toronto

Midday Swim aus Toronto

We just love unknown bands. We take you to Toronto and from there we present you the indie-pop quintet Midday Swim.

The Bavarian in us would say: feels like our typical swaying with linked arms. But that sounds too much of a bench in a marquee. And this doesn’t fit to Midday Swim at all. Cuddly would have come to our minds as well while listening to their first song “Summer Eyes”. But cuddly doesn’t sound better at all. On the opposite. It evokes even more the picture of shining candles, warm bath hubs and romantic campfires.

Midday Swim simply don’t hurt anybody. This way we would rather express it. But this would be unfair, because then we would imply a certain kind of tristesse in their music, which definitely doesn’t exist. The quintet from Toronto devotes itself to the very classical indie and pop. That we associate those attributes with their music is surely because the vocals are hummy and sung in a very relaxed way. However hereby the band’s guitar sound isn’t too typically indie-pop. They are very atmospheric and wide-spread. I feel strongly reminded of the Band Maritime.

The end of April the band – having been titled by the band itself – has been released with only 7 songs. A little bit little for an album. The two most catchy songs you’ll definitely find on their Soundcloud page: ““Summer Eyes” and “We Got The Feeling”. No ground-breaking song titles to be honest. But they fulfil their purpose and Midday Swim create truly charming indie-pop.

So relaxed, so casual and so summertime-like. Yet not peppy summer-like but rather getting-out-of-hand calming. Just perfect when you’re lying at the pool and you wish to close your eyes for a short nap. This might be because the first EP indeed has been recorded close to water: in a small cabin, somewhere at a like in Ontario. Very idyllic. Almost cliché.

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