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Louise Lemón Interview „I’m not afraid of big words.“

Louise Lemón im Interview beim Soundkartell

Louise Lemón im Interview beim Soundkartell

Louise Lemón ist eine wahnsinnig spannende Musikerin. Das Soundkartell stellt sie Euch im Interview vor.

Mit „Thirst“ kam am Freitag den 14. Oktober die neue Single der Songwriterin Louise Lemón raus. Gebürtig kommt sie eigentlich aus Schweden. Aber derzeit wohnt und musiziert sie von Barcelona aus. Dort fühlt sie sich derzeit unglaublich wohl und das, was dabei musikalisch rauskommt zeigt, welch unglaubliches Potential in ihrer Musik liegt. Sehr düster und als Death Gospel bezeichnet sie selbst ihre Musik. Dabei werden andere Medien gerne mal auch schon kitschig.

Das Soundkartell hat der jungen Dame einige wichtige Fragen gestellt. Das ganze Interview lest ihr hier.

Soundkartell: The first moment I listened to your new song “Thirst” I was very surprised. I didn’t expected such a very heavy sound. Could you explain to me the origin of this sound?

Louise Lemón: It originates from me, while writing I want to make it evident in the music just as much as in the lyrics what kind of emotion I try to mediate. I mean it is a sound that relates to me, it is heavy but warm. Growing up I listened alot to heavier sounding music just as pop music always has followed me and both of those things really come through in the way I write.

You moved from Sweden to Barcelona. Where do you see for yourself the biggest change? In whichway this city is an opportunity for you to develop your sound in a special way?

Louise Lemón: I think my sound really originates from Sweden but Barcelona has without a doubt given me alot of other things. It is a place of passion where you can express yourself. It is a fast city filled with emotions and it keeps you on edge. But musically I think my sound really originates from Sweden, this kind of haunting sound. That gloom that surrounds us, whereas Barcelona really is the opposite, a place where you live day by day trying not to worry, but you’re still not afraid to be close to people or feel.

In which way your songwriting is intimate, do you express yourself in the process writing songs?

Louise Lemón: While writing I try to be as open as I possibly can, because that is when it gets interesting. I think writing about the most personal things are also what other people relate to the most. Getting to the core of something. It isn’t realism but it’s pure.

The press in Sweden told us that your music is “answer to the future music “. In which way you are beware of the fact that you are creating something new?

Louise Lemón: I can’t say that it something I am aware of. I try to make music that is interesting to me, that really originates from me, but we are all made up of all our influences, it’s just how we mix them. Then maybe we can put our own touch to it, with the experiences and ways we understand the world, which makes it somewhat more unique.
Louise Lemón im Interview beim Soundkartell

Louise Lemón im Interview beim Soundkartell

Maybe in the way like blogs are describing your song and sound there is a risk that you sound is getting “corny”? Because to say that your sound is dark like the sin and clear like a fiord, is very corny to me.

Louise Lemón: The way other people describe the music is interesting, everybody listens to different things in the music. But as far as being corny, I don’t know, I’m not afraid of big words, maybe you feel like that if you are scared of things being “too much”. I’m not. It’s not apologetic and I like that.

You’ve recorded your EP “Purge” in a shack in a deep and black forest. What did you missed the most while recording your songs there?

Louise Lemón: Heat. We recorded it during the summertime but it was freezing. It is a very beautiful place right by a lake, but we were cooped up inside the small cabin 24/7. But I think that also helped us, it made us completely enclose ourselves in our work and really made us be able to focus on the sound and the musical expression.

Sweden, Barcelona, Seattle. In which way this is a very exciting “triangle” for your sound?

Louise Lemón: Sweden is my home and where I grew up, so it has shaped me alot ofcourse. There are so many talented musicians there, which have been essential for me and this recording. Talented both musically and technically but also emotionally. I’ve been lucky enough to work with people who feel and really have an understanding for the music I make and are able to express this through their guitar or drums. Barcelona has been very important in different aspects, it’s really confronted me about all things in life, making me more comfortable and secure in the way I choose. Seattle was a dream come true, I grew up listening to Nirvana, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden and being able to mix the record in the same studio where they’ve been was an absolutely lovely experience. Avast Studios is an analog studio and it really brought both warmth and depth to the sound.


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