Joseph Parsons Interview der Woche – „Money has become too important“

Joseph Parsons Interview der Woche – „Money has become too important“


Vergangene Woche hatten wir das neue Album von Joseph Parsons vorgestellt. Jetzt hat sich das Soundkartell mit dem Kopf der Band selbst unterhalten. Dabei haben wir über den Kapitalismus, das Album und über die Gratwanderung von angebrachter Kritik unterhalten. 

On 31th of january you`ve released your second album “Empire Bridges”. Until now you played a lot of concerts in Europe and Germany. How can you summarize the last eight weeks in retroperspective?

Joseph Parsons: „We had an amazing tour throughout Deutschland and into Schweis & Nederland. Best music I’ve ever played. Especially with my band with Sven Hansen, Freddi Lubitz & Ross Bellenoit. We drove 12.000 Kilometers and played 27 shows.“

How was the resonance of your new songs in front of the live audience? 

Joseph Parsons: „The folks seemed to really like the new songs. This album is an emotive and rocking experience.“

You recorded the album in Hilden and in your own house near the sea. Houses at the sea have a special aura. Which impact did this have to the records of your new album?

Joseph Parsons: „When I’m at my lake house, it is a wonderful place to create. Quiet and remote with no distractions: no internet or TV! Just musical instruments and recording gear. Oh, and my kids toys are there too!“

In your songs you thematize that it got difficult to find people who are honest and sincere. In which way we are in a hopeless situation?

Joseph Parsons: „I don’t believe things are hopeless. I do believe we must look at the reality of things so we can move through them and change them. As it is now, it is very difficult to trust the leaders, at least in the USA, to do the right things for the people. Money has become too important and the politicians can’t seem to do what’s right, only serve the interests of the money. I believe Capitalism is not a healthy thing for people, only some who can take advantage of the many.“


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The album thematize social and political theme. Don`t you block an access to listeners who won`t listen to an album which confronts them with this theme?

Joseph Parsons: „Yes, this is possible. But like U2 or Bruce Springsteen, there are a lot of people who don’t want just sill Rock & Roll. They want it to say something, to reflect the times and help give them a positive way forward.“

Your promotion writes something about a echoing of the Occupy­Movement…does “Empire Bridges” claim a type of protest?

Joseph Parsons: „My records are very wide, theme-wise. I talk about relationships in a deep way. Love and redemption are big themes for me. I also talk about politics and tell stories of real people going through hard times. Often they find through the hard times, there is light and a better way.“

Which reputation hast the occupy­movement for you? My friends, who are becoming involved, aren`t good to talk about it…

Joseph Parsons: „Occupy Movement for me is a bit anarchistic, that doesn’t work for me. But what they say resonates with me. For us to Open Our Eyes and look at how the in-equality of the money machines does not work for the rest of us. That’s the main point. Often the message is distorted by the medium.“

Joseph Parsons im Interview der Woche

Joseph Parsons im Interview der Woche

In which way do you construct two levels? Here is the criticism in your songs and over there is the musically level…

Joseph Parsons: „Music for me is a whole construct. Words and music must become one. The music helps me feel a certain way and that is reflected in the words. They are married and create a 3rd way. More 3D that just word and music.“

Where exactly do you bring these two levels together in your new songs?

Joseph Parsons: „Each song, I’d like to think, are an example of this. It’s not a brain thing, it’s a feeling thing. People either feel my songs or don’t. They relate to them or don’t. The wonderful thing about art is that it is all subjective. We as artists must be honest to our feelings and thoughts.“

Your music is about interpersonally relationships. What are you looking forward most when you meet a person for the first time?

Joseph Parsons: „Honesty. Emotional honesty especially. How someone reacts to the little things in a first meeting will tell us a lot of how they react to the bigger things in life. Being honest in all ways, in my opinion, is extremely hard without hurting those around you. Except, when it is without malice and with a sense of humor.“

Joseph, “Empire Bridges” and Josep Parsons is no solo­project at all. There a six people who are playing in this band. That`s quite a long time. In which way this time of working together reflects in the way your are doing music?

Joseph Parsons: „With this band, we’ve been together for 6 year. We have come to a point where we know each other musically so well, we can feel the music. We can jam and know where we are going. It’s a whole band, not parts. When musicians feel this, it’s very rare and lucky that the personalities have come together. Like a great relationship, you only can get to the higher levels with time and commitment.“

You played just a lot of concerts in the last eight weeks. Are there two shows you can remember because of a special situation, mood or something?

Joseph Parsons: „Dortmund (Subrosa) always stands out to me. A very small venue but with vibe for days! Each show has a special feeling. The band, the audience, the room, the sound – each work together to create a show. Every show was good, some were amazing!“

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