Interview: The Away Days

The Away Days im Interview

The Away Days im Interview; Fotocredit: Ozan Tezvaran

Kürzlich erschien mit „Sadness Will Last Forever“ die neue wirklich feinfühlige Single des türkischen Electronica Künstlers The Away Days. Der Producer und Musiker Can Ozen beweist auch hier wieder einmal, wie fädrig, leicht und super traurig seine Electronica-Songs sein können. Nach seinem Debüt im Jahre 2012 hat er mittlerweile von Istanbul aus den Sprung geschafft. Wer sich mit gutem Electronica und Pop beschäftigen möchte, kommt an ihm nicht mehr vorbei. Grund genug ihm zur Single ein paar wichtige Fragen zu stellen:

Recently released with „Sadness Will Last Forever“ released. How was the feedback so far?

The Away Days: Looks like people loved the new track. Both soundwise and lyrically feedbacks are great so far.

What message do you follow with this song and what do you want to give us with it?

The Away Days: Actually it’s inspired by Van Gogh’s last words. The way he sees life and doing his art. The track is emotionally based on these.

Life is actually also simple, we born, experience and die.

Could you please tell us a little bit more about how the song came about? (Production, texts etc.)

The Away Days: Well actually it’s a demo that i made in 2015. I kinda polished it, out more feelings in it and recorded at home at time during corona. Orkun, my lifetime hero and my bandmate wrote the lyrics, he lives in San Francisco, who wrote the lyrics for the track and Genius Matty Green mixed it.

Life itself is very fragile and can end at any moment. To what extent is your track an appeal to us to live our life the way we would like it to be, without external control etc.?

The Away Days: Life is actually also simple, we born, experience and die. Sometimes it’s overwhelming and you feel like you lost control. Actually we never have the control. Take a walk in golden fields, just look around without any point of view and you’ll see the life itself in the purest way. With this track we wanted to forget everything and just walk in fields, see life how it’s beautiful, how innocent it is.

What influence does fear play in your daily work as an artist? Especially now in times of Corona?

The Away Days: I do have serious anxiety problems. Fear is one of the most sense i have nowadays. It’s not about corona but being indoor and being away from the nature itself may increase it for sure. Listening to this track, if it could take you away for 4.13 it’ll also help you calm your anxiety down which worked for me while making it.

You managed to carry your music from Istanbul to the wider world. What attitude do you think helped you?

The Away Days: We always did what we love. With rights and wrongs. International media recognized it and wrote about us. Living in Istanbul and making this music is unique for people out there. That helped us in a good way.

What’s next after the single?

The Away Days: Crazy amount of tracks i’m working on right now. Albums, singles. Expect more.

It’s been 8 years since your debut EP. What was the most serious change for you at that time?

The Away Days: One of my best friend, Sezer decided to leave the band couple of months ago. He’ll continue to do his music alone. I guess that’s the most serious change.


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