Interview: Sätilä

Sätilä im Interview zur Single „Like You Do“

Sätliä im Interview

Sätliä im Interview

Kürzlich erst kam die neue Single des finnischen Indie-Pop Musikers Sätilä raus. Er hat sich als Finne für ein eher ungewöhnliches Leben entschieden, macht dafür aber Musik, die viel eher zur Lebenssituation vieler Zuhörer. Euch erwartet fluffiger Indie-Pop und ein nun ausführlicheres Interview mit dem Finnen.

You are originally from Finland. What quirks brings a Finn to London?

Sätilä: I wanted to move to a global music city to be influenced by different kinds of music and to be around opportunities. This city is so beautiful and has a remarkable history and legacy when it comes to music.

Recently you released your new single „Like You Do“. How was the feedback on the track?

Sätilä: So far people are loving it which is great! I hope the song travels. I’m proud of it and it’s a defining track when it comes to this new music I’ve been working on in the past year.

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If you had to make a difference in your new song, what would that be?

Sätilä: I wrote this song at the start of 2017 and we started working on the production in the autumn of the same year. It’s been a long process where we did the vocals three times. It’s also been mixed three times. All this because I wanted to make it right. However, there are always subtle things in the vocal performance that I feel I could do differently or better. But that’s the nature of recorded music from an artist’s perspective. At some point you just have to stop working on the song and be okay with it.

You say about yourself that you hopes your music will be an aid in times when you feel you are not enough. How dangerous is internal dissatisfaction really?

Sätilä: It depends. Sometimes it makes you work harder but it can also crush you and prevent you from taking steps forward. That’s when it becomes dangerous because you start going backwards instead of moving forward. In a way we’re never enough probably but at least we can okay with that understanding and still live a meaningful life.

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Your hope to live your life to the fullest is. Is this a claim that has just developed in our generation and is now being discussed in public?

Sätilä: I can’t tell you exactly how this thought has developed but I’d assume postmodernism and individualism has helped this kind of thinking to flourish. I think it’s important for everybody to find their purpose and potential and live that out. However, our life should not only be about ourselves but also about others.

You studied songwriting in Sydney. Not the most normal way of a Finn to be trained there to songwriter, or?

Sätilä: Haha definitely not. I had wanted to live in Australia for a long time so I moved straight out there from my parents house which feels crazy now. I loved it though! Sydney and Australia had a massive impact on me finding my passion for music again and shaping the sound of my first releases.

How are things going for you after „Like You Do“?

Sätilä: I will keep releasing new music regularly and trying to build things in London and Europe. I’m planning to start playing shows in London which is very exciting.


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