Interview Reeperbahn Festival: Tample

Interview Reeperbahn Festival: Tample – „We don’t really think so much about the direction“

Tample im Interview - Fotocredit: Titouan Massé

Tample im Interview – Fotocredit: Titouan Massé

Wir haben die französische Indie-Band Tample im Rahmen des Reeperbahn Festival Specials im Interview.

Sie kommen aus Frankreich und repräsentieren sozusagen ihr eigenes Land beim Reeperbahn Festival. Ihr Sound bewegt sich zwischen Electronic und Indie und ist stets sehr düster gefärbt. Ungewöhnlich eigentlich für eine Indie-Band, denn so hat man ständig den Eindruck, als bedrücke sie etwas. Wir sprechen mit ihnen über ihren Sound, darüber was sie 2018 bereits erreicht haben und warum wir ihre Heimatstadt Bordeaux besuchen müssen:

Please, just introduce yourself in three sentences.

Hi we are Tample, four guys from Bordeaux in France and we play indie pop music. Our music is a mix between electronic and acoustic, there is a kind of melancholy in the voice and in the lyrics, but the music remains groovy. We released our first album this year in January, called « Summer Light » and we are very proud to present it at the Reeperbahn festival.

You’re “selected” to play at Reeperbahn festival this year as part of the partnership with France their. What were your first thoughts when you heard that you will playing at the festival?

Tample: We were very excited and proud about that. It will be the first time we play outside of France, and even better, at a big & famous festival.

This year, France is hosting by the Reeperbahn Festival as a special country. Do you feel honoured to come here to Hamburg to burn down the stage?

Tample: This year we’ve been lucky to play at several big festivals in France and even though the Reeperbahn festival is huge, we are ready to leave it all out there.

Do you feel as an ambassador for your country to tell to all the festival people: “Hey, french people have a lot of great bands too !” ?

Tample: We don’t see ourselves as ambassador, especially as there are so many good bands in France. Music has the capacity to cross boundaries, and the fact that we sing in English makes our music very accessible.

The Reeperbahn Festival is a very fluid festival. Delegates come listen 2 minutes to your songs and then, move away on another stage. If we, Germans only have time to listen to 2 minutes of any of your songs. Which one should it be to get convinced of your sound?

Tample: Difficult question, but if we had to choose we would recommend our single « Summer Light » because it seems to be the most popular with our fans.

In the beginning of the year you released your first album “Summer Light”. How was the reaction to your debuts so far?

Tample: We are very happy! Since the release of our album, we had many great reviews and as a result, several opportunities to play live. Now, future projects are coming soon.

Tample im Interview - Fotocredit: Titouan Massé

Tample im Interview – Fotocredit: Titouan Massé

In some reviews about your album, the editors wrote that you seem not to be very shiny and cheerful. While I’m listening to your album as a complete work “Summer Light” works as album for dark winter days, delightning summer days and the melancholic autumn. How important is such a bright spectrum of colours of mood for you while writing new songs?

Tample: The first album reflected two years of experiences and work and it is one of the reason for the variety of moods and colours. We don’t really think so much about the direction when we are writing, it’s more a feeling and our mood at the moment. The coherence come together at the end, when we work on the arrangement.

You released your first album with the help of the label Yotanka. So from your beginning as a band you have the right team, set up and network to get your things well done: writing songs. In which way you see yourself a bit privileged compared to other newcomers Indie bands out there?

Tample: It’s true we were lucky to find a very good team which help us to progress and to be heard. There are many great bands out of there who also deserve to be heard.

The year is almost over. Have you already achieved your goals for 2018?

Tample: We already had a great year but still have many important dates left…

Did you achieved one of your original goals you’ve setted up in the beginning of the year?

Tample: We already achieved a big part of our objectives for this year. But as we are still new, many opportunities comings every week…

Last question: Why should we come and visit Bordeaux on our next trip ?

Tample: Especially to drink red wine … Also there are some very nice rooftops to admire the historical center. It is a human-sized city, you can easily walk from one part of the town to the other.



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