Interview mit QNDA

Spot Festival Special #5: Interview mit QNDA

QNDA aus Schweden; Credit: Oscar Nyberg

QNDA aus Schweden; Credit: Oscar Nyberg

Auch im fünften Teil unseres Spot Festival Specials haben wir uns eine besondere Band herausgesucht, die wir Euch über das Soundkartell vorstellen möchten. In der Radiosendung spielen wir ihre Tracks und hier lest ihr das Interview mit ihnen in Schriftform.

Wir sind schon echt ziemlich stolz, welch tolle Bands wir hier beim Soundkartell für Euch für ein Interview gewinnen können. Dazu haben wir uns mit der schwedischen Indie-Pop Band QNDA unterhalten. Sie sprechen über den Vergleich dänischer und schwedischer Bands, über ihren Sound und natürlich das Spot Festival.

Lest jetzt das wohl erste Interview von QNDA in Deutschland.

A: „Hi this is Albin Eidhagen G: & Guido Roos and we’re from the band QNDA.“

Soundkartell: What makes the Spot Festival so special for you?

A: „I guess it’s mainly because it’s our first festival abroad. Going south together all four of us for the first time.“

Soundkartell: In three sentences: Where are you from and how did it all start?

A: „Me Guido and jimmy are from Stockholm Sweden and Elin our bass player is from Kiruna far far up in sweden. G: It all started at our school we’re we study music. Albin had some songs he were working on in the studio and needed som help and we’ve been working together ever since.“

Soundkartell: What three things characterize your music the most?

A: „The mellow and strange sound, the thoughtful lyrics and the combination of electronic and acoustic instruments.“

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Soundkartell: Don’t you think it is possible to write and produce songs and music for no reason?

G: „Of course it’s possible! A: But to me music is a way to express emotions, but doesn’t mean that you need words to explain them. if you take away the emotions you get something I don’t want to be a part of.“

Soundkartell: You are using electronic and acoustic instruments. Could you explain what is the special mix about in your songwriting?

A: „It’s mostly because we’re three real musicians and one producer. The first song started as electronic but came to life when adding the acoustic elements. Screaming guitars, singing drums and a hevy bassline.“

QNDA; Credit Oscar Nyberg

QNDA; Credit Oscar Nyberg

Soundkartell: What can we expect from you this year?

G: „To begin with our biggest singel release so far will be this spring. We’re going to SPOTfestival and we’re also working on a collaboration with a Swedish video artist.“

Soundkartell: Is there something through that we can distinguish a danish from a swedish band?

G: „Hard to say, I don’t think there is such a big difference between swedish and danish bands. A: more than that swedish bands are better haha.“

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Soundkartell: Do you think that there is a kind of some special competitiveness between scandinavian bands?

A: „Not that i can think of. Sweden is the third largest music exporter in the world, so I guess that put some pressure on both swedes and danish people.“

Soundkartell: What can we expect from your gig at Spot Festival this year?

G: „A lot we hope. This is our first festival abroad so we’ll do everything to impress!“
A: „It will be like a journey really something different.“
G: „A lot of feelings and something to remember. Beating drums, loud guitars, deep bass and some twisted vocals.“
A: „It will be memorable.“

Thank you very much! And we hope to see you soon!

Hier könnt ihr QNDA auf Facebook folgen.

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