Interview: Hollow Coves

Interview mit Hollow Coves

Hollow Coves im Interview; Fotocredit Madi Kliendienst

Hollow Coves im Interview; Fotocredit Madi Kliendienst

Am 18. Oktober war es soweit: „Moments“, das Debütalbum der Indie-Folk Band Hollow Coves erblickte die Welt. Endlich, nach langem Warten erschien das Album und das nach deren großen Erfolg und all ihren Millionen Streams. Für die Produktion des Albums haben sie sich nach Devon zurückgezogen. Es ging auf’s Land. Darüber sprechen wir mit den beiden Musikern und darüber, was euch auf dem Album erwartet. Über das Album haben wir hier eine ausführliche Review geschrieben!

How big was the pressure to release your first album after the hit and sold out shows?

Hollow Coves: We definitely felt a bit of pressure. We were getting a lot of messages from fans asking when we would have new music out. We just wanted to take our time and focus on getting the songs to the best place possible. The majority of sold out shows have mainly come since the release of the album.

You have withdrawn to Devon in the South of England for the production of the album. How unique was the experience to be there and what did Devon give you, what another little place could not have given?

Hollow Coves: Yeah, it was such a good experience working down that way with Chris Bond as the producer. Chris and his brother Bear had both built a little farmhouse studio just opposite their parents veggie garden. It was a really peaceful area to work in and those guys had such great vibes. One of the main reasons we decided to work with Chris was because not only has he been involved in producing some incredible records that we are massive fans of, but he also plays drums and bass which neither of us are very
experienced at playing.

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We really wanted to write an album that was uplifting and encouraging. To help change people’s perspective. To help them see the beauty in the world.

The songs of the album reflect many experiences and moments of the last years. How did you keep the memories alive and then complete them in the form of songs?

Hollow Coves: I guess through touring, travelling, and general life, we were able to experience so many different moments that inspired the record. It was not only encountering special moments amongst nature but also just having a deeper understanding of the world we live in. I think this perspective of the world is the starting place from which a lot of the topics of this record were birthed. We really wanted to write an album that was uplifting and encouraging. To help change people’s perspective. To help them see the beauty in the world. It all flowed from real moments we experienced. Reflecting on those moments helped to inspire a lot of the lyrics and keep the memories alive.

You’ve been on tour for two weeks now. What energy have you so far absorbed from the live experiences?

Hollow Coves: Yeah it’s been crazy so far. Can’t believe it’s only been two weeks. We are beyond stoked with the response so far and can’t believe pretty much all the shows sold out. It has been interesting experiencing the different types of crowd throughout all the different cities we’ve played in. All of the crowds have been amazing though.

You have compared to 2014, the garage with professional recording options exchanged. Does not this make music making much more

Hollow Coves: I wouldn’t say it made it more complicated it was just a different way to approach it. The garage way of recording was definitely more of a DIY way of recording compared to how we recording ‘Moments’ but I guess we’ve learnt there’s not really a right or wrong way of recording.

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Do you sometimes go back to your origins and want to keep it as simple as possible? Do you sometimes get said that your songs are maybe too soft?

Hollow Coves: Not really. We wanted to keep growing and developing our sound so I guess whatever came out naturally was what we wrote. In saying that there were aspects of these songs that kept on theme with the Wanderlust EP but we just wanted to honor the songs that we were writing naturally.

If you could choose a natural environment that best reflects your music and your character, what would it be?

Hollow Coves: Probably a forest on a mountain side. Somewhere peaceful and serene.

If you had to live in a real city for 1 year, what would you miss most?

Hollow Coves: It would definitely be the ocean for me. I love surfing and being under the warm sun.



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