Interview: BENZ

BENZ im Interview: „For me music is just a way of processing life.“

BENZ im Interview - Fotocredit: Ebba Gustafsson Ågren

BENZ im Interview – Fotocredit: Ebba Gustafsson Ågren

Wir haben der schwedischen Musikerin BENZ ein paar Fragen zu ihrer letzten Single und zur kommenden EP gestellt.

You are releasing your single „The Smile“ on October 19th. What are your expectations?

I’m excited to share my music, hoping you’ll like it.

In February 2019, your first EP will be released. How much do you waver between pure anticipation and excitement?

Off Course there is some anticipation, but there is also excitement. I’m trying to have a good time focusing on music, work and nice guitar sounds.

You try to understand yourself better with your project and your songs. How far are you in the self-discovery process?

I guess that’s one way of putting it. Too far I guess. In general I think that my writing explores daly stuff in my life, putting it in perspective, wavering between intense feelings and just singing about nothing.

Has there been one or the other moment in which you were surprised by yourself?


When would your songwriting be over at once? Is that a desirable point to reach with your music? How does that compare to a utopia?

I fore one does not mean for it to end. For me, as many before me, music is just a way of processing life. Sometimes when I’ve finished a song, I can feel empty and worrying about that being my last piece of music. But it never happens. I think it’s more sustainable to not aim for a specific moment that will fulfill you, of course you can have goals and dreams etc, but i think I want to keep an open mind for new ideas and opportunities.

Show us your favorite spot in Stockholm. What are your thoughts in being there?

In Malmö I would show you the library, such big windows and lovely park nearby. Plan B, Rundgång, Studio Möllan and great sound engineer Emil Isaksson.


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