French Cassettes – „I don’t know if we’re typical indie!“

Im Interview French Cassettes –  „I don’t know if we’re typical indie!“

French Cassettes im Interview

French Cassettes im Interview

Das Soundkartell hat sich im Interview der Woche mit der Band French Cassettes unterhalten. Dabei sprechen sie über ihr Crowdfounding-Projekt, darüber was Indie für sie bedeutet und über das Verhältnis Fan & Band. Lest es jetzt hier.
Soundkartell: Because of your Bandname, is there any connection to french music, Film oder something else?

French Cassettes: “There’s no real connection to anything French. We used to be called The Lite Brites, but we wanted to change it so we all sat down and tried to think of a new name, which now looking back was a silly way to spend our time that day. I had a ‚Learn French!‘ disc for my computer that I bought for $20 and rarely used and it sat above my screen so maybe after looking at it so many times I subconsciously wanted the word French in our name.”

Soundkartell: Usually we hear a typical Sound of Indiebands from California. The Sound is liting. Is that actually because of the weather?

French Cassettes: “We mostly write upbeat songs because we like to play off eachother’s energy when we write and it always feels best when we can move around a bit. „We Were Fun“ is about as sad as it gets. It could be the weather, who knows.”

Soundkartell: To what extent such factors influence your music?

French Cassettes: “Some of the band listens to a lot of music and some of us don’t. I feel comfortable saying new music influences us a lot. But just like a lot of other bands we only like to take bits and pieces.”

Soundkartell: Which meaing does Indie still have for you today? Is there still the old indiesound as we knew him from bands like The Rifles or the Arctic Monkeys?

French Cassettes:“I didn’t even know „indie“ was a genre until about 2 years after we formed the band. Everyone has their own definition for indie, so it’s hard to say if it has changed but I think it’s very much alive still and adapting well to other genres.”

French Cassettes im Interview

French Cassettes im Interview

Soundkartell: What’s on you as a band and your music still typical indie?

French Cassettes: “We’re considered an „indie rock“ band, but to tell you the truth I’m still trying to figure out what it is that makes us qualify for the „indie“ part. I don’t know if we’re typical indie? “

Soundkartell: What topics do you process in your songs?

French Cassettes: “We usually write from the point of view of someone talking to someone else. Personal, but it’s not like reading someone’s diary. A bit more broad.”

Soundkartell: You have financed your album via crowdsourcing. What has you most intrigued in this project?

French Cassettes: “When it started getting close to us being ready to go into a studio to record our first full length album, we knew we would need more money than we had to make something that we were proud of. That’s when we thought of using Kickstarter. We liked the whole idea of it. It’s not just asking for help, it’s a connection with your fans. You give them personalized prizes and they feel like a bigger part of your music because they helped you record it.”

Soundkartell: In which way do you think there is a arise of a new relationship between the band and fan?

French Cassettes: “It’s not just about the music for fans. Putting a face to the music has been a huge factor in the music industry for a while, but now it’s even beyond that. Not only do the fans want to know more about the people in the band, but they have the power to. And it’s very easy to find.”

Soundkartell: Are the costs justified incurred for an album production?

French Cassettes: “I’ve learned there is no real minimum amount of money that you need to put out a great album. A lot of it is just feeling comfortable with the way you go about recording it. So as long as you do that, I’d say the cost is justified.”

Soundkartell: Was the financing of the album the “only” hurdle which you had to take?

French Cassettes: “Yes, actually. The money was the only thing holding us back. We were so ready to finally record those 9 songs. It was such a relief when it finally happened.”

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