Family Of The Year – „Loma Vista is the sound of California“

Family Of The Year – „Loma Vista is the sound of California“

Family Of The Year; Foto: Universal Music

Family Of The Year; Foto: Universal Music

Das Soundkartell hat mit der Indie-Pop Band Family Of The Year gesprochen. Dabei sprechen sie über ihr neues Album, wie es ist in einer WG zu wohnen und warum wir ihre Tracks auch im Winter hören müssen.

Soundkartell: On the 27th of September you will release your album “Loma Vista” in Europe. What can we expect if we take the album for the first time in the CD player?

Family Of The Year: Loma Vista is the sound of California sunshine smashed into some songs about friendship, a couple love songs, a couple party songs… we’re all over the place. Hopefully the album takes you on some kind of psychedelic journey.

S.: What do you think is the biggest change to your debut “Songbook”?

FOTY: Songbook was recorded at home and we just kind of threw a bunch of our favourites onto a CD and released it ourselves. Loma Vista was a little more thought out. We worked with a real producer and recorded at a real studio and tried to make it sound like we knew what we were doing. Did we fool you?


S.: You were highly praised by famous magazines like the Rolling Stone Magazin or NME. Even Russel Crow tweeted your new single “Hero”. Aren`t you under an incredible pressure?

FOTY: Nahhh, we love it! They’re only making more people aware of our music, which is a good thing. I guess the pressure might set in when we start recording our second album. I they still want to say nice things about us and our music.

S.: Nevertheless your Album exudes a great ease. How did you managed that?

FOTY: We were all living together at the time, and I think we all learned to deal with each other really well because we really had no other choice. Maybe that transferred over into our music. Also I think we all knew what we wanted to accomplish musically, so it just kind of happened.


Family Of The Year; Foto: Universal Music

Family Of The Year; Foto: Universal Music


S.: You call yourselves as a family. Which three values -as a family- ​​are very important to you?

FOTY: Patience, respect and a sense of humor… laughing is the best!

S.: For us europeans your sound is very summery. Could we hear your music even in winter, when it`s cold, windy and when it`s snowing?

FOTY: No, we would never allow you to. Just kidding, yeah of course! Those dreary winters might feel a little warmer when you listen to “St. Croix”. But I feel like we have some wintery songs on the record too. “Everytime” and “Hey Ma” feel wintery to me.

S.: Joseph and Sebastian, you moved very often. In one sentence: What is home for you?

FOTY: Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts will always be home for us, but we live in LA now and there’s something really magical about this stupid place.

S.: In your music you combine genres like indie,pop,folk,dance and psych-rock. What is the most crucial element in your music?

FOTY: Just having something to say with a guitar and a voice.


S.: In your single “Hero” you treat the question that not everything on fame and notoriety arrives. What`s your personal answer to this question?

FOTY: Sometimes life can be too much to handle and you just want to run away to something simpler. 

S.: All of you lived together in a house in Los Angeles. Christina: how do you keep it as a woman with three men in a wg?

FOTY: All the boys take such good care of me. I’m hardly a housewife. I am not even sure they would know I was a girl if I didn’t buy so much nail polish. 

S.: In a wg, you get more and more closer.After a while it gets more personal. Isn`t that risky for you as a band? Or is it your recipe to make such a harmonious music like on your two albums?

FOTY: We’re kind of just going with the flow. We don’t really have a recipe for anything other than we like playing music that we would want to listen to. 


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