Elephants on Tape

Electro-Pop from Leipzig by Elephants On Tape

Electro-Pop von Elephants On Tape aus Leipzig

Electro-Pop von Elephants On Tape aus Leipzig

With pleasure we are allowed to present you the five-person band Elephants On Tape today. With their track “Split” they impressed us immediately. If this happens to you as well? Find out and read here.

It was indeed astonishing. From the first second Elephant On Tape managed to impress us. When the track “Split” – the opener of their EP DIFFERENT FROM NOW – was playing the first time we just thought: Wow, great sound from Germany! The band’s cover picture turns up again in the construction of the songs. Many many colourful lines, which spread in all directions without any order and cover the band. The lines are definitely the melodies and structures we notice in the songs by Elephants on Tape.

For us this is pop. This is how we have to imagine pop according to our opinion. Music inviting us to dive into. The electronic influences, which are not too strongly covered by very simple synthies. The whole concept reminds of a mixture of background noises produced by synthesizers. The structures of their sounds don’t reveal themselves easily to us. However, at the same time we are made aware of them with each song. Such it is the case with “Magnets” for example. There they disperse in melodies and structures but simultaneously they lead us back into a refrain and a melody which stays in mind.

Since 2011 Elephants On Tape have their base in Leipzig. There they polish for some time now their very bewitching electro pop. And this in such a manner that they released a truly distressing track with “The Last Minute”. Distressing because of the eccentric sounding beats in the beginning. However to the end of the track it proves to be a classical electro thing. The EP brings a lot of surprises with is. It is exactly the right record for all those, who were already waiting a long time for great pop made in Germany. The EP just arrived the right time.

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