8 Songs mit EIRENE entdecken

EIRENE - 8 Songs mit EIRENE

EIRENE – 8 Songs mit EIRENE

Diese acht Songs hört die dänische Indie Soul-Pop Band EIRENE.

„Never Enough“ ist ihre aktuelle Single. EIRENE haben mit der Single mal einen solch tollen Pop-Song rausgebracht. Beim Spot Festival war ich hin und weg von ihrem Sound. Grund genug die Jungs Kristian Kolby (Vocals), Sebastian Vistisen (Synths) und Klaus Ager (Drums) haben mir ihre achts Songs mitgeteilt von denen sie wohl am meisten inspiert wurden und es immer noch sind. Für mich ist die Band aus Aarhus eine der Entdeckungen 2017 und die Jungs würde ich wahnsinnig gerne mal nach Hamburg zu einem Gig einladen.

Zuerst gibt es hier die aktuelle Single „Never Enough“:


Phony Ppl – Why iii Love The Moon.

Starts off moody with distant pianos and vocal, but evolves at 00:25 into the happiest and best feel-good song we’ve ever heard in the genre. The beat, the piano and the playful cowbell set the mood and make you forget that the track is longer than five minutes. Everyone should listen to their album ‘Yesterday’s Tomorrow’! It’s so full of gems, and even though it’s hip-hop, it’s so genre bending at the same time.

Santigold – Who Be Lovin Me (feat. ILOVEMAKONNEN)

Mix some out of pitch and lazy (but yet amazing) vocals by ILOVEMAKONNEN with a very stripped down and mesmerizing hook by him and Santigold and it becomes the greatest mixture ever! This piece has a very stoned and somehow depressing vibe to it, but it sticks to your brain immediately. Besides that, Santigold’s verse is so well executed that it’s hard not just to put in on repeat.

Lana Del Rey – Summertime Sadness

It’s hard not to fall in love with Princess Lana when she starts singing in this track. Also it’s so amazing how she manages to mix symphonic elements with 808’s and light trap beats across her albums. Actually we were so stoked about this song that we decided to make a cover of it – which has been a part of our live set for many of our shows now.

Emil Kruse – Hørt Fra Dig

The Danish rapper/singer Emil Kruse has brought a new and quite unique sound to the Danish rap/hip hop scene. First of all because of the way he “raps”. It tends to be singing as much as rap, and that melodic style is what characterizes him. That of course combined with the delicious groovy beat. It’s sometimes nice to hear hip hop without crazy trap beats.

The Weeknd – Love To Lay

We’ve been listening a lot to the Starboy-album ever since it came out. ‘Love to Lay’ is one of our favourite tracks from the album at the moment. It just has a cool vibe and a such a banging chorus! Actually the whole album is just out of this world.

The Raveonettes – Killer in The Streets

The Raveonettes never gets boring. They’ve managed to evolve their music throughout the years to a more electronic sound, but their vocal harmonies and guitar riffs still remain. It’s partly hiphop, trip hop and rock with almost ‘shoegazey’ vocals on top of it, and it’s such an amazing combination!

Noah Carter – Only One

We heard him live at this year’s SPOT festival and people just went crazy. The venue was completely packed and he just killed it. This track is produced by Jens Ole McCoy and when you listen to the minimalistic beat and the awesome glidebass and combine it with Noah Carter’s lyrics and very international sound, you can’t help falling in love with this piece.

Frank Ocean – Self Control

Nothing predictable in this one – ‘souly’ singer/songwriter guitar-based feeling evolving into a massive orchestral piece. We can’t get over how beautiful it is, and you know you succeeded when you made a track with an outro that makes you wanna run on a meadow.


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