Im Interview: Bugzy Malone

Bugzy Malone „I’m thinking about being one of the best and one of the greatest of all time.”

Bugzy Malone im Interview - Fotocredit: Credit: Bugzy Malone / Ill Gotten Records

Bugzy Malone im Interview – Credit: Bugzy Malone / Ill Gotten Records

Das Soundkartell hat Bugzy Malone hier exklusiv im Interview für Euch.

Er ist definitiv einer der wichtigsten Grime-Rapper derzeit und in UK wohl auch einer der besten überhaupt. Beim Soundkartell sprechen wir über seinen aktuellen Release und darüber was ihn antreibt seine Songs zu produzieren. Seine Wurzeln woher er kommt sind ihm dabei ganz besonders wichtig.

When people say you’ve started to “fight” against the london based Grime-Scene, what are exactly the three most effective musically weapons for them?

“I think the three things to be successful is pushing, courage, to know that you are different.”

What is exactly changing the awareness to your new songs when your EP enter the Top 10 of the official album charts?

“I think my videos get more views, the radios are pushing me a little bit more. My whole life changes on a regular basis and I’m always adapting to the fame and I’m always adopting, I mean the time get sure of what and of about how long in my hometown I can pull up in my car before someone knocks on the window. This goes from 5 to 2 minutes. So what this means is: It’s hard to go places but it is what it is.”

How thin is the line between the growing expectations entering the Top 10 charts, the reach of your spoken words in your songs and that people really get your messages you want to send to them with your new songs?

“Listen I’m somebody that is been for a lots stuff and one of the main things I’ve been through is hard times and depression and hopelessness feeling like I was never gonna amount to anything. So I know that there are many people out there that feel the same way. So it doesn’t have to be every single song but if I can switch to the fact that anything is possible and even if you are feeling the loneliest and the most hopeless that you’ve ever felt, they should all believe that you can become somebody and get somewhere. I mean if a hundred people or a thousand people tade out message on board then that’s enough for me.”

When you enter the stage and play you songs live did you ever received the feedback that the Grime Rapper are more real because they don’t use this autotune shit on stage?

“I mean people looking at Grime and when Rock’n’Roll came to the forefront and it was punk rock, it was a raw genre music. And it was people dressing how they were to dress but you know this was one of the most entertaining genres in that period of time from my understanding. And that’s what Grime is Grime, it is real. Grime is coming from people that I’ve been through real staffing life. I’m someone that’s been to jail, been in trouble and so on but I’m still a professional. I still turn up by every show and I document it within my music. And it is fun and who wants to hear a boring person to talk how good the life’s been? This is documenting some real stuff. So I ignore that and I just focus on making good music. That’s all it’s about.”

You said that you like create artwork coming out of Britain that the world can appreciate. What are the three most important elements of this british artwork you want to present?

“First of all most I’d like to represent hope. I’d like to represent change and I’d like to represent my hometown where I come from. Because I think it’s difficult and it’s difficult for people from my hometown to believe that there is hope coming from a place where there is not much industry-success, this not many avenues of how to get into the industry. I’d like to represent my hometown and represent hope to my people if you work hard enough that you can break into the industry and have an illustrious career.”

Bugzy Malone im Interview - Fotocredit: Credit: Bugzy Malone / Ill Gotten Records

Bugzy Malone im Interview – Credit: Bugzy Malone / Ill Gotten Records

With your music and writing new songs you want to be an inspirational musician for the younger people out there. But is there something that you can not give to them, where your skills are limited?

“My messages getting out there and I don’t care. I remember being a kid, in my bedroom and like a safe feeling hopeless. I’ll get into that kids bedroom I will let that kid know that you can do whatever you want in life. No one would stop me to point that message out there: The internet is too dangerous, it’s too easy to go from point A to the person you wanna try to speak to.

If you look into the future and the coming 2 years. What do you want to represent as inspirational musician to the new audience which just got aware with your new EP “King Of The North”?

“Time is a pressure around this question because last time I’ve answered this question I was completely occurred. I think in this point of my life then I’m 28, when I was a child I told myself that I will be a millionaire. But I think out of done that quicker than I thought I was gonna do it but in two years time I’d definitely be there. I think I’m one of the first to do the things that I’m doing within this strong, raw music. I think I’m one of the high level UK artists and however that looks that looks whatever cars come with that or a house come with that I’m not even thinking about this. I’m just thinking about being one of the best and one of the greatest of all time.”

Is there one special track with one special quote of that song?

“I think it’s of “Make Or Break”: I pray you’ll never let it break you. I think it’s a very strong lyric and it’s something I’m listening about when I’m feeling weak in moments.”


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