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Three tracks for your happiness – Bosteen + Holst

Grandioser Folk-Pop von Bosteen + Holst aus Kopenhagen

Grandioser Folk-Pop von Bosteen + Holst aus Kopenhagen

Watch out – the next article will deliver you probably the best folk-pop new presentation we haven’t had for a long time. We introduce Bosteen + Holst from Copenhagen to you.

This article is going to be a superlative one. An article about the probably best folk-pop sound from Denmark we haven’’t listened to for a long time. We love to talk in climaxes and like just said in superlatives. However; what we have prepared for the duo Bolsteen+Holst will crown the whole thing. We namely encountered one of the best folk-pop project long since and that in Copenhagen.

They are still existent – the great discoveries. Those where you can barely wait for the song to finish and the next one to start. Because you have been so caught by the first. And then the second track has to be exactly that great! And then, when it was indeed as great as the first, we start to think. When was the last time we’ve listened to a band, which we were immediately that fond of. Alternatively there might come the doubts: Ok well, the first two tracks have been great. But the third… it can’t be like that too.

Ok, first of all – hold on. We discovered Bosteen + Holst via their soundcloud page. The first track was “Kids”. The voice, purely perfect. The minimalist guitar sound, unbelievable. There is a certain kind of drive accumulating itself, which Bosteen+Holst manage to keep in the 3 minutes and 30 seconds. This was the first track we like so much. Then came “Antidote”. The second track of the EP ECHO LANE. And also here there came the wow-effect. Because of the voice and also because we were pleased by the folk-drive.

It is the third track which is missing. The song which for you is the decisive song. For that purpose “Don’t Look Down” didn’t lead to much. For us this track is a heart-breaking ballad with which Bosteen+Holst keep it with a guitar and that one voice. Then suddenly this country-guitar is breaking through. Suddenly everything sounds like Texas and the US. But Bosteen+Holst return quickly to their style. Very sensitive and yet fragile.

For us, the music presented by Bosteen+Holst is truly highest folk-pop art. Here bookers should make a huge note. For all those who are looking for a folk-act for their open-air or who are owners of a small location/ club. The only problem hereby could be that Bosteen+Holst are not aware about how great they are and don’t have time for that type of business since one of them currently is very involved in a alternative environmental party in Copenhagen. There music becomes only a triviality. And what a wonderful one!

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