The Dead South

The Dead South Interview – „We love playing music at the lake.“

The Dead South im Interview

The Dead South im Interview

Kürzlich waren The Dead South zu Gast in Mannheim beim Maifeld Derby. Und dann kam da auch noch ihr Album rau. Das Soundkartell hat ihnen ein paar Fragen zu ihrer Musik gestellt.

The Dead South kommen aus Kanada und machen bodenständigen und sehr erdigen Folk, Bluegrass und Indie-Folk. Zu ihren Songs darf man mitstampfen. Man darf mitklatschen und auch meinetwegen mitsingen. Ihre Songs auch die Anmutung lassen es nämlich zu und es auch absolut wünschenswert. Gerade weil The Dead South, die vier bärtigen Musiker eine begnadete Live-Band sind. Das Soundkartell hat den vier Musikern ein paar Fragen zum Thema Musik und deren Location gestellt. Übrigens auch beim 100ten Mal schauen ist das Bieröffnen der Band unten im Video einfach grandios.

Lest das ganze Interview hier:

Soundkartell: You come from Regina. In which way this town is very provincial and this provinciality fits to your sound that you make?

The Dead South: Yes, we come from Regina, Saskatchewan. It is the Capitol City of our Province… In very small ways does the city have any influence on our sound. Rural areas around the city definitely give inspiration for new lyrics and style. We are definitely inspired by other genres on music, novels and spaghetti western films.

Does live-music, playing live have another meaning than here in Europe/Germany?

From what we notice, Germany is the most respectful crowds we have ever seen. Playing live music anywhere is pretty awesome but somehow, Germany manages to take the cake on this one. Every just listens and responds so well. After the show everyone wants to meet and shake hands. It is just the best feeling playing for German audiences.

Which role does a positive attitude plays for who (you are looking well dressed, looking like “folk-cowboys)?

A Positive attitude gets us out of bed in the morning on tour. It isn’t an easy lifestyle. lots of driving, lots of talking to people and playing all the time. Not very much sleep and usually the diet isn’t the best. The positive attitude helps us put on our performance clothes and smile to do it day after day.

In some ways it’s kind of funny because you Nate bought a  hat at a milliner and you are making real music with real instruments. No synthies and so on. In which way you see yourself as a craftsman?

Good question. Working with this group of guys is probably the best thing ever. Each one of us is very into making our own music and crafting these songs together. I would say I see each of the guys in the group as a craftsman with a different trade. My craft is rhythm and lyrics. Scotts craft is voice and songwriting. Coltons craft is being absolutely brilliant on the banjo and helping develop songs and Danny’s craft is obviously his magnificent cello playing but also his song writing is the most interesting.

The Dead South im Interview

The Dead South im Interview

Normally to be a very good live-band as you are is always an advantage because you easily get booked for festivals and shows. But can you remember some shitty situations that people are always asking you “Oh come on guys just play us one song” and then you have to go on stage at a wedding or something like that?

We love playing live and we love playing at most places. One place we all agreed we would never play is weddings. We play our own music and we know very few typical cover songs played at weddings.. So it is kind of a nightmare for us. We were actually tricked into playing a wedding once. They booked us to play at a “barn party”, when we walked in it was very clear that it was a wedding we were about to play.

Is there any event that you absolutely want to play (funeral, wedding, baptism, very old locomotive etc.)?

Playing on a very old locomotive would be awesome. I have played a few songs at the ceremony at weddings and I have also played a few songs at funerals. I am really just waiting for the invitation to play at a wake. Where everyone is celebrating the life instead of mourning the life.

Or a special place in the nature?

Love playing music at the lake. Something about being surrounded by trees and water makes everything seem clearer.



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