Taylor Knox Interview

Taylor Knox Interview Reeperbahn Festival Special

Taylor Knox im Interview Reeperbahn Festival Special - Fotocredit: Jeff Bierk

Taylor Knox im Interview Reeperbahn Festival Special – Fotocredit: Jeff Bierk

Im Reeperbahn Festival Special habe ich mit dem kanadischen Songwriter Taylor Knox gesprochen.

Taylor Knox ist definitiv einer der Newcomer, die extra aus Kanada aufs Reeperbahn Festival, kommen, die ich auch auf dem Schirm haben werde. Der junge Kerl macht in seinen Songs eine spannende Mischung aus Power Pop, Rock, Pop und Grunge. Das ist insofern auch spannend, da Taylor absolut Null zu den Standard-Songwritern passt. Im Interview sprechen wir über sein Gitarrenspiel, die Musikszene seiner Heimatstadt Toronto und noch vieles mehr.

Please just introduce yourself in three sentences.

Hi! My name is a Taylor Knox and I write songs and record them in Toronto, Canada. I love harmonies and fuzz pedals and 12 string guitars and shakers and loud drums.

Canada is hosting the Reeperbahn Festival as a special country this year. In which way you feel honoured to come here to Hamburg and will burn down a Liveset?

I feel incredibly honoured to be selected to perform at Reeperbahn festival this year and look forward to singing my songs and rocking out

Is there any word for you which could describe the diversity of the sound of a guitar and maybe could reduce it to one point which you use in your songs?

In terms of guitar playing I tend to focus on the melodies more than anything else. I love a good melody.
For rhythm guitar I love bands like The Stooges and The Ramones where the guitar is simple but provides a lot of power

How difficult is it as a musician to bring one of your unique characteristics and realize this characteristic as a Toronto based songwriter if you come and play a completely new place? Is it something you feel afraid of? Or in joyful anticipation?

Toronto has such a vibrant music scene right now and it feels like it’s bursting with creativity in many different areas of music. For my music all I can do is sing my songs with all my heart and I do that to the best of my abilities everywhere I go. It’s always fun to sing them somewhere new… I’m not afraid but am definitely filled with joyful anticipation!
Taylor Knox im Interview Reeperbahn Festival Special - Fotocredit: Jeff Bierk

Taylor Knox im Interview Reeperbahn Festival Special – Fotocredit: Jeff Bierk

Imagine you have to take a walk with a group of very different persons. Older ones, younger ones, people who only listens to HipHop tracks and other people which seems not that open minded and the walk will take 3h hours. There is only you with your songs and you have to chance to convince these people of your sound or make them feeling familiar with it. What would you do in these 3 hours?

I would probably start by talking about Kendrick Lamar and Noname with the people who listen to Hip Hop… They are 2 of my favourite artists right now. But I feel like my songs have a wide appeal to all different ages… I would just sing some songs and make some new friends!

In which way you feel like an ambassador with presenting your music to new people and for people which already know your songs?

I just want to make music to spread good vibes and love to anyone who wants to listen. I am always trying to focus on the emotion of the song and I feel like if I can connect to the feeling behind it then others will be able to as well.

If you have to write something like a weekly report of this week in Germany, here in Hamburg. What are your milestones you want to reach and is there a progress you wish to feel you will make in these days?

I would love to make some new friends and play and listen to lots of great music

To come and play your own songs on a different continent must be amazing. Is it a difficult goal not to have too high expectations?

It’s very exciting!! I can’t wait to come and share my songs with you

If we Germans only have time to listen to 2 minutes of any of your songs. Which one should it be to get convinced if your sound?

Listen to the beginning of Running Into Love to get a pretty good idea of what I sound like.



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