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Sue The Night Interview – „It’s ok to cry.“

Sue The Night - Credits Janetta Verheij

Sue The Night – Credits Janetta Verheij

Das Soundkartell hat Sue The Night nach ihrer Support-Tour ein paar Interviewfragen gestellt.

Vor einigen Wochen war Sue The Night immer im Vorprogramm von Lilly Among Clouds platziert. Im Januar 2018 wird sie mit ihrer Headline-Tour nach Deutschland zurückkehren und: Kürzlich brachte sie ihr neues Album „Wanderland“ raus. Wolfgang Baustian hat hier für Euch in das neue Werk reingehört. Oder ihr lest im Vorfeld das Interview mit der Musikerin aus den Niederlanden:

You’ve played as a support for Lilly Among Clouds for four shows in Germany. How was is it to open the evenings for her?

Lily’s crowd was very nice to play for! We’ve got warm applaus and people really liked the songs.

With “Wanderland” you’ve recently released your new album. How was the reaction to your new album so far and in which way it is difficult to reappraise all the feedback, experiences you’ve gained and love that was given to your music so far?

Reactions on Wanderland were very good from the start! It’s a wondrous thing that as soon as the album comes out it doesn’t belong to us anymore but to everyone who listens to it. Each song has a different appeal to different people and the meaning of the lyrics can be interpreted in so many ways; I love to listen to the stories of fans saying Wanderland songs have an impact on their everyday life.

The lyrics of your new songs are melancholic. But the sound is very poppy and bright. In which way you have to pack difficult and sad subjects into a happy “gown”?

It’s not a matter of need, it’s just what happens during the process of making my demo’s and when i bring the songs to my my guitarplayer/producer Thijs van der Klugt; we talk a lot about what can happen to the songs and with references we like when it comes to building the sound. It’s nice to find a contrast between the message of the song and the ambiance around it.
Sue The Night - Credits by Janetta Verheij

Sue The Night – Credits by Janetta Verheij

You say: „I don’t write songs for men or women, I write for people. Gender blind.” Thinking and acting gender blind, why do you think we all should think this nowadays?

It’s a quote of mine that doesn’t fit in every lyric, sometimes I do have a girl or a boy in mind, but mostly I want the listener not to think about if the main character in the song is male or female; just a human, on this planet, in the universe. It’s better to look at our similarities and what we share.

You’ve recorded “Pity Song” with an orchestra of 21 people. In which way this song got a completely new dimension?

Pity Song is the most ‘emo’ song I’ve ever written, for those who value a career more than family values or having friends, just racing against time to achieve status. With the orchestra the whole song has been lifted to a state in which it has become a sort of emotional collaboration between the lyrics and the arrangements; the lyrics and melodies for the awareness of the message, the orchestra as the soothing tap on the back, saying ‘it’s ok to cry and it’s not too late to live a full life, tomorrow is another day to be true to yourself’.

What are your wishes for Christmas?

My xmas wish is my everyday wish, but it’s almost unthinkable.. I want a bridge for the gap between rich and poor; power to all the people and not only to corporations and blind moneymakers who’ve been exploiting lower classes for ions. If we want this world to stay habitable we’ve got to reset our state of mind about what’s really important. Or I want a World Tour with Sue the Night haha.

Headline-Tour 2018

28.01. Hamburg – Nochtwache
29.01. Berlin – Privatclub
30.01. Mainz – Schon Schön
01.02. München – Unter Deck München


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