Soundkartell präsentiert: Tourblog von Rangleklods

Soundkartell präsentiert: Tourblog von Rangleklods

Servus liebe Fans des Soundkartells! Aktuell findet seit 20.09 das Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg statt. Hierbei spielen bis Samstagnacht noch etliche gute und unbekannte Bands aus der ganzen Welt. Das Soundkartell berichtet nun exklusiv nur für euch über das Festival! Und das tut nun exklusiv der Däne Rangleklods für euch indem er für das Soundkartell einen Tourblog schreibt.  Heute berichtet er exklusiv und nur für euch über sich selbst, die Bands die auftreten und darüber was Rangleklods von seinen Auftritten in Hamburg erwartet! Hier lest ihr was Rangleklods zu berichten hat!

PART 1 – 21.09.12

Hallo SoundKartell – Rangleklods here,

The past couple of weeks have been pretty crazy transportation-wise. This Saturday we flew to Sao Paulo to play at a Danish Export event with design, music, architecture – even Lego. Afterwards we had a few days in the city. We didn’t get to see much though. Mostly we just relaxed at the rooftop pool of the hotel and ate well, which was exactly what I needed. Tuesday we flew back and wednesday and thursday we played a couple of concerts in Denmark with a massive case of jet lag. Somehow it went down great anyways. Today we travelled by train to Hamburg after having one night at home. Pure luxury. It has made me form a new thesis: What if the Rock and Roll-style like we know, is the way it is just because musicians on the road don’t have time to wash their clothes or themselves? And that’s what we now know as denim. It could be. It might just be.

Ableton Live

Our concert goes down tomorrow midnight at Indra. Tonight I’m playing a DJ Set at Übel und Gefährlich – 03.00 to 04.30 – right after my good friends from Reptile Youth have finished their concert. It’ll be quite a challenge to keep up the audience energy level after they’re done. I highly recommend attending one of their gigs. I know few bands who can animate the audience quite as well as they can.

About the DJ-set: I have quite a different approach to playing DJ-sets than most people. I use Ableton Live and build the set around short loops. The trick for me is to combine drums from electronic stuff with the melodic content of all sorts of things; soul, rock, dreamy pop, experimental things, etc. The tempo changes almost constantly, and my goal is to create an atmosphere where people continue being interested in the music more than relying on a trance-like thing. Another thing is that it is far more interesting for me to play sets this way. I have tons of effects and loops to mess around with, so often it’s like remixing in real time. Sometimes it sounds awful and sometimes it sounds amazing. Mostly amazing I hope.


We’re psyched about the concert tomorrow. I’ve heard it’s a good venue, and we are in good form at the moment. We’ve played roughly 12 concerts during the past 20 days. So we should be!

I’ll let you guys know how the DJ-set went down tomorrow when I check in again.

Bis bald,


Sao Paulo

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