Sigrid Interview

Sigrid Interview „I love being productive.“

Sigrid im Interview; Fotocredit: Sarah Buth

Sigrid im Interview; Fotocredit: Sarah Buth

Beim Spot Festival habe ich die Norwegerin Sigrid zum Interview getroffen.

Sie ist ein Energiebündel, super sympathisch und noch wahnsinnig jung. Aber es läuft derzeit ziemlich gut für sie würde ich mal sagen. Letztes Jahr hätte sie beim by:Larm Festival in Oslo spielen sollen. Den Gig hatte sie dann aber kurzerhand abgesagt, weil sie sich nicht bereit gefühlt hatte. Sie wollte einfach nicht in der Verfassung auf die Bühne. Umso mehr hatte sie sich dann gefreut, dass sie wieder eingeladen wurde. Allein dieser Fakt sagt viel über Sigrid aus: Sie hat einen Plan und sie möchte immer ihr Bestes geben. Was für ein Glück, dass das Publikum das auch spüren kann. Genau deshalb kann Sigrid noch ziemlich erfolgreich werden.

For me Sigrid is one of the most exciting acts here at Spot Festival!

Sigrid: Oh thank you!

In which way you are aware of the fact that Sigrid is the next big thing coming out of Norway?

Sigrid: (laughing) Oh wow, first of all: thank you, I’m very flattered! Oh I don’t know there are a lot of good acts out here just right now. My favourite acts come from Norway like Aurora, DePresno, there are lots of good acts coming out of Norway.
Sigrid im Interview; Fotocredit: Sarah Butha

Sigrid im Interview; Fotocredit: Sarah Butha

There were a lot of scandinavian musicians the last couple of years. In which way you can set a stamp on the actual nordic music?

Sigrid: The most important thing for me is just have fun. I’m just really excited and honoured to do this for living. It’s really cool. I don’t know what seperates me from other musicians. I’m just me and I’m just writing music about myself.

How difficult is it to be aware that your music that you make became a hot selling item and maybe you want to slow this slightly?

Sigrid: Oh no I don’t think I have the need to slow it down. But it’s definitely going fast and the last year has been intense and crazy. And a lot of was happening. You don’t often have that time to set down. That’s way I love living in Norway. When I know I’m coming back to Norway it’s like that the tempo slows down. Because being in London, New York and L.A., it’s hectic. There is definitely a completely other tempo then being in Norway. So when I’m back home in Bergen I hike a lot. I go up the mountains and just scowl and don’t listen to anything. Listening to nothing then maybe birds sounds cheesy, but that’s the way how it works for me.
Sigrid im Interview; Fotocredit: Sarah Buth

Sigrid im Interview; Fotocredit: Sarah Buth

Is this something that let you create new things?

Sigrid: In nature? Oh yeah definitely! The most inspirational thing is meeting new people and everything I wrote and from the Demos I have, all these songs are about relations. It’s more like meeting you guys, it’s about friendships, it’s people I wrote with, this is about in “Don’t Kill My Vibe”, it’s always about relations. I don’t write about nature but nature makes you think about it. And makes you just set down and think about the episodes which just have happened. Because when they’re happening you don’t really have the time to think about.

So Spot Festival has to be a great place for you!

Sigrid: Yeah, it’s true this is a good thing! But I’m not sitting here and saying: Everything is perfect and I’m always having a super good time. It’s just life! Just because I’m an artist and I love my job! It’s the best job I’ve ever could have dreamed of. I’m having so much fun and I’m lucky that I have a band that are also my best friends. Of course you have rough days and that’s ok. I wrote about it too. I’ve written this down, it’s about waking up and feel just like “uuuugh”. And that’s alright, because that is something everybody is related to. Because you can’t be a machine, everyone needs a break! And everyone needs to get through there.
Sigrid im Interview; Fotocredit: Sarah Buth

Sigrid im Interview; Fotocredit: Sarah Buth

You are playing some festivals in Germany this year for example the PULS Festival in Bavaria. What are your personal expectations for reaching out Germany and do you know what other people around you expect from you?

Sigrid: I guess good live shows? That they were prepared that I will give my best every time I go on stage. Every time when I’m on the stage I want to deliver. Of course it’s pressure and if I haven’t felt the pressure that would be a bit wired. But of course it’s an internal pressure as well because I love delivering. This gives me a rush and that’s my kind of drug: Going on stage and feeling like: “Yes!” I hope we can perform some good shows this summer, because it’s funny to see how we’ve developed, me and my backing band. Because we’ve started playing together since last summer. It’s more like that we are getting better every time. We are always thinking: How can we make this better. I’m really looking forward playing in Germany. I love Germany, Berlin and we’ve played one show there as well. Oh and in Hamburg. I was on tour with my brother last april before everything of this just happened. We played at the Molotow.

Last words about your EP you’ve released just a few hours ago.

Sigrid: Oh yeah! This is crazy and wired that this is going so fast! I didn’t have that much time thinking about releasing the EP because so much else is happening at the moment. This is great, having my Debut-EP out here. It’s just a summary how the past years have been for me. Like meeting new people and thinking about previous relations. Even though there are more sad songs on my EP I had a great time! It’s easier to write about difficult stuff. This feels more productive and I love being productive. Getting something good out of something bad, that is just my favourite thing.

Ganz forsche Antwort, ob sie sich bereit fühlt für den Gig beim Spot Festival? Na klar. Was für eine Frage und wer die Show gesehen hat, der weiß: Delivern, das ist das wofür sie als Musikerin lebt.



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